yearn for (someone or something)

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yearn for (someone or something)

To have an intense, deep-seated longing or desire for someone or something, especially in a slightly melancholy capacity. I grew up in a tiny town in Kansas, yearning for the day I'd get a chance to move somewhere exciting like New York or L.A. All the girls in my class yearned for him, thinking he was this mysterious, brooding hunk, but he was actually kind of an awkward dork when you got to know him.
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yearn for someone or something

to long for someone or something; to desire someone or something strongly. Sam sat alone in his room, yearning for Mary. Mary yearned for a big bowl of high-butterfat ice cream.
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yearn for

To have a strong, often melancholy desire for someone or something: The sailors out at sea yearned for their families.
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References in classic literature ?
We will set it beneath the altar, and not touch it until we are really in need of it.' So the pot was placed in safety, but it was not long before the cat had a great yearning for it, and said to the mouse: 'I want to tell you something, little mouse; my cousin has brought a little son into the world, and has asked me to be godmother; he is white with brown spots, and I am to hold him over the font at the christening.
Though parted from all his soul held dear, and though often yearning for what lay beyond, still was he never positively and consciously miserable; for, so well is the harp of human feeling strung, that nothing but a crash that breaks every string can wholly mar its harmony; and, on looking back to seasons which in review appear to us as those of deprivation and trial, we can remember that each hour, as it glided, brought its diversions and alleviations, so that, though not happy wholly, we were not, either, wholly miserable.
"Can't you picture her, this wild woods creature, quick with every old primitive instinct, yearning for the free open, and mowed up in a vile little hash-joint and toiling and moiling for four mortal years?
At any rate, I am glad that, what between Captain S-'s yearning for old triumphs and Mr.
We know this well, we who have passed into the Realm of Terror, who skulk in eternal dusk among the scenes of our former lives, invisible even to ourselves and one another, yet hiding forlorn in lonely places; yearning for speech with our loved ones, yet dumb, and as fearful of them as they of us.
"It is clumsy, but it will serve the purpose, and that is the main thing," I went on, yearning for her praise.
A yearning for a better life; for justice; for peace and for a society in which every man, woman and child enjoys equal opportunity.
The lyrics, guitar and Faisal Kapadia's brilliant vocal chords will for sure prey your mind and leave you yearning for more.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 21 (ANI): Shahid Kapoor unveiled a romantic track from his upcoming flick, 'Batti Gul Meter Chalu' in which he can be seen yearning for the love of his life, Shraddha Kapoor.
They remember their great granrents yearning for some lost home that they might never see.
Titled Kashish -- an Urdu word which means attraction or yearning for something -- the collection dedicates itself to the Sufi yearning for the Almighty as well as the bride's yearning for her beloved.
Summary: US Secretary of State says protests reflect 'incredible yearning for modernity, for change, for choice, for empowerment of individuals'.
Dreams, Yearning for horn and piano by Jonathan Craft.
They're a hook-driven quartet from Sydney who power the songs along with a strong melodic surge while always yearning for a sense of the anthemic, even if they don't always hit the mark.
<They're yearning for freedom.> long is used when someone truly wants something and often tries very hard to get it.