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yearning desire

A deep longing. I want to see as much as I can on my trip to England because I've always had a yearning desire to go there.
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yearn for (someone or something)

To have an intense, deep-seated longing or desire for someone or something, especially in a slightly melancholy capacity. I grew up in a tiny town in Kansas, yearning for the day I'd get a chance to move somewhere exciting like New York or L.A. All the girls in my class yearned for him, thinking he was this mysterious, brooding hunk, but he was actually kind of an awkward dork when you got to know him.
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yearn over (someone or something)

To have a strong, tender, deep-seated sympathy for someone or something. I don't know why you insist on going to the animal shelters to yearn over the stray dogs and cats when you know we're not going to take one home with us. The whole world yearned over the country following the horrible attacks.
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So I would buy gifts for these people to remedy my yearning for them.
WASHINGTON - US Secretary of State John Kerry spoke passionately Wednesday about the "incredible yearning for modernity" sweeping across the world, warning that free elections do not necessarily usher in true democracy in many countries.
The problem with the colon is yearning, the selfishness of it.
His most recent commissions include Dreams, Yearning for Thomas Bacon, and Anthem for Abercrombie for Abercrombie Academy in Spring, TX.
If there's one thing you can depend on in this life it's that each and every Erasure album will come with more glitterball disco, synth blips and bleeps and yearning ballads than you really know what to do with.
8 percent described yearning for freedom as the reason for the flare up.
The notion that a natural psychological response to loss involves an orderly progression through distinct stages of be, reavement has been widely accepted," but no study has tested progression through disbelief, anger, yearning, depression, and acceptance (JAMA 2007;297:716-23).
For Vaill, this yearning is the recurring Robbins theme, expressed literally in a musical like Fiddler and in the abstract in a ballet like Dances at a Gathering, and it begins in childhood, when he was simply the son of Harry and Lena Rabinowitz, 6migr6 Russian Jews.
We were night, whispers, / fugitive kisses, two beds, / yearning years, diapers, colic, / the marriage a dead land / hammered by drought.
The son of a wealthy slaveowner and a black slave, given a limited education and his freedom by his father, Jim Beckwourth's natural talent for languages and diplomacy as well as his physical strengths and yearning for adventure led him to a hard life of venturing into territory known only to Native Americans, trapping animals for their fur, and survival in the wilderness.
Paul expresses a yearning to embrace all that the new life in Christ offers (v.
There is a genuine and true yearning amongst our laymen and women for the sacraments, especially the Eucharist and Penance.
But deep within the yearnings of our hearts is this yearning to be truly ourselves once again.
Westly faceoff in November likely would inspire hope across the board that Sacramento finally will start fulfilling the yearning for a government that puts the public interest first.
The reader experiences her voice, yet in her replies, we feel the measured excitement, sadness and yearning of this unseen artist named BZ.