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yearn for someone or something

to long for someone or something; to desire someone or something strongly. Sam sat alone in his room, yearning for Mary. Mary yearned for a big bowl of high-butterfat ice cream.
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yearn for

To have a strong, often melancholy desire for someone or something: The sailors out at sea yearned for their families.
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yearn over

To feel deep pity, sympathy, or tenderness for someone or something: The entire nation yearned over the lives lost in the accident.
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References in classic literature ?
From your tone one might think you yearned to cut it off.
They were shy, all but unappeasably shy, but they weren't really sinister; at least they weren't as he had hitherto felt them - before they had taken the Form he so yearned to make them take, the Form he at moments saw himself in the light of fairly hunting on tiptoe, the points of his evening shoes, from room to room and from storey to storey.
He saw, in its great grey glimmering margin, the central vagueness diminish, and he felt it to be taking the very form toward which, for so many days, the passion of his curiosity had yearned.
So he and his Rose of Sharon would walk away--walk, because even the car would be surrendered--and he would be free with the only woman for whom he had ever yearned.
Everybody was out of town, and I yearned for the glades of the New Forest or the shingle of Southsea.
He had no glimpse of the comradeship after which the girl's soul yearned.
The tender shoots and the expanding flowers are nipped and withered, and of a vine that yearned to stretch its tendrils round the world there is left but a sapless stump.
I fully intended to tell you that we did not wish to buy any silks to-day, and I also intended to tell you that we yearned to go immediately to the palace of the Louvre, but enjoying the happiness of seeing you devour four breakfasts this morning has so filled me with pleasurable emotions that I neglect the commonest interests of the time.
He would willingly have made the service more ornate than had been usual in the low-church parish of Blackstable, and in his secret soul he yearned for processions and lighted candles.
Leaving this god as a god unliked and not understood, Jerry sadly trotted back to the companionway and yearned his head over the combing in the direction in which he had seen Skipper disappear.
He sat up, just out of range of one restless, beating arm, yearned to come closer and lick again the face of the god who knew him not, and who, he knew, loved him well, and palpitatingly shared and suffered all Skipper's trouble.
It was rather that he yearned to get clear of the tangle.
The two men knew they wanted to be cremated, but they also yearned to commemorate their love in a public fashion.
Long ago and far away, a little blue lamb yearned to belong.
Gene Autry had the first, and country stars have yearned for one ever since, but at $175,000, they'll keep yearning.