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yearn for someone or something

to long for someone or something; to desire someone or something strongly. Sam sat alone in his room, yearning for Mary. Mary yearned for a big bowl of high-butterfat ice cream.
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yearn for

To have a strong, often melancholy desire for someone or something: The sailors out at sea yearned for their families.
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yearn over

To feel deep pity, sympathy, or tenderness for someone or something: The entire nation yearned over the lives lost in the accident.
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I yearned for it like I yearn for few things that aren't wife-shaped,or chocolate fudge brownie flavoured.
If I'd been born in space I would desire to visit the beautiful Earth more than I ever yearned to visit space.
We rejoiced as we saw the reflection of the revenge that was burning inside us, the symbol of the Jewish armed resistance that we had yearned for, for so long.
She attempts to redeem herself by becoming the attentive and supportive mother Roxanne always yearned for, but she brings excess baggage along.
I yearned for a single Senator to put his or her name to the formal complaint filed by the Congressional Black Caucus to dispute Florida's electoral votes.
As of yearned 1999, online trading in Asia/Pacific was in an extremely nascent state," says Matthew McGarvey, a research analyst in IDC's Hong Kong office.
Described by Diotima in Plato's Symposium and reinscribed in recent French thought, this desire is an ineluctable yearning that knows nevertheless that it yearns for that which may burn and destroy, a risk caught in the story of Moses that remains determinative for the rabbis and so captivated Augustine who yearned to speak with God face to face.
Not that I yearned for anything else about that old-fashioned dining room and bar.