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yearn for someone or something

to long for someone or something; to desire someone or something strongly. Sam sat alone in his room, yearning for Mary. Mary yearned for a big bowl of high-butterfat ice cream.
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yearn for

To have a strong, often melancholy desire for someone or something: The sailors out at sea yearned for their families.
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yearn over

To feel deep pity, sympathy, or tenderness for someone or something: The entire nation yearned over the lives lost in the accident.
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If He spoke to us clear, if He laid His starry hand upon our perspirant brows, we would be awed and thrilled, but we would not yearn; and this is genius, that He hideth from us and will not be seen, and so we yearn and doubt, and must cut our own paths through the thickets.
I yearn for the David Morgan family store which stood on The Hayes and which closed in 2005.
To those who live in the town and yearn for a home in the country - or vice versa - I have a word of advice.
Yearn Hong Choi uses language that is simple and direct in poems that are accessible to the general reader.
Across the globe, people living under the iron heel of government-imposed religion yearn for a separation of church and state.
Hone means "to sharpen on a hone" and in the South "to yearn.
If you yearn to simplify your life without compromising your career, Dot Calm offers practical solutions," write Debra Dinnocenzo and Richard B.
If you yearn to race in London, Honolulu, Alaska, or Australia but can't afford the travel, Runner's Circle can help you cut costs and put you in touch with other runners from around the world.
WHEN motoring enthusiasts shake their heads at the sorry state of affairs with Rover cars and yearn for the good old days, they are actually yearning for the Rover P-5.
Image Smith, the developer and publisher of the YEARN 2 LEARN series, the award-winning educational software for children aged 3-10, today announced that it and Turner Publishing of Atlanta, Ga.
By 1996, most of us will yearn for the 'good old days' of 1992
Yet, as citizens, as people, we yearn for and strive for freedom, an enhanced quality of life, and a sense of meaning, purpose and importance in the essence as well as the existence of our lives.
LOS ANGELES -- For all those who are tired of maintaining their traditional "old media" libraries, who can no longer stand to look at dusty stacks of CDs and DVDs, who yearn for the total, unencumbered freedom of the new digital entertainment age .
WORKING women no longer want the nine to five strife and yearn for the days when they stayed at home, cooking, cleaning and waiting in a fresh pinny for hubby to come home, according to research from Yorkshire Bank.
Sometimes I yearn so strongly for God that it is painful.