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Until the City Council passed Villaraigosa's trash-fee hike proposal last year to help finance his and Police Chief William J.
The City Council approved hiring 720 officers for that fiscal year, but the LAPD hired just 603.
A CFC is generally ineligible for automatic consent, unless (1) it does not have a required tax year under Sec.
2006-45 also revised and clarified certain terms and conditions for receiving automatic consent to change a tax year.
As long as the current year income was less than the computed unitrust amount, only the income amount would be paid out, and the balance of assets would remain in the trust to be invested.
For example, suppose in Year One, John contributed $1 million Jan.
Broker of the Year Eastside: Kathy Sloane, senior vice president and managing director, specializes in high-end properties on the Eastside, Westside and Downtown.
Broker of the Year Upper East Side & Listing Broker of the Year Upper East Side: Curtis Jackson, senior vice president.
We compared quantitative and qualitative data captured during Year 1 to data from the baseline year, and we also tracked changes in year to year data as the evaluation progressed.
com Year established: 1990 Fiscal year: January-December Chmn: Robert J.
His company will build about 40 individual homes this year in the south end, Hanmer, Chelmsford and Lively, employing between 50 and 60 individual sub trades.
The 50-year-old veteran lieutenant, with over 10 years of law enforcement experience, was confronted by a man who walked up behind him and placed a .
Suppose that a school is solidly on the path to improvement, with a 70 percent chance of increasing the proficiency of any racial subgroup in a given year.
Thanks largely to Enbril's sales, Immunex will finally emerge from the red this year.
Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in US$ Thousand for Years