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oh yeah

1. Used as an interjection to affirm something, usually enthusiastically. A: "Do you really think we have a chance at winning?" B: "Oh yeah! I think we have a great chance!"
2. Used as interjection to express interest in something someone is saying. A: "My father works as a piano tuner." B: "Oh yeah? How'd he get into that?"
3. Used as an interjection to express disbelief of or childish hostility toward something someone is saying. A: "One of these days, I'll be running this place." B: "Oh yeah? Let me know how that turns out for you." A: "You're just a big stupid head!" B: "Oh yeah? Well, you're a bigger, stupider head!"
4. Used as interjection to indicate that one has just remembered or thought of something. Oh yeah, that's what I wanted to ask you: where did you get that suit? A: "And then you just restart the computer to finish installing the software." B: "Oh yeah, duh, I knew that."
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Oh, yeah?

Inf. Is that what you think? (Rude and hostile.) Tom: You're getting to be sort of a pest. Bill: Oh, yeah? Tom: Yeah. Bob: This sauce tastes bad. I think you ruined it. Bill: Oh, yeah? What makes you think so? Bob: My tongue tells me!

ˌoh ˈyeah?

(spoken) used when you are commenting on what somebody has just said: ‘We’re off to France soon.’ ‘Oh yeah? When’s that?’ ♢ (ironic) ‘I’m going to be rich one day.’ ‘Oh yeah?’ (= I don’t believe you.)
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Oh, yeah?

(ˈo ˈjæə)
exclam. Is that what you think?; Are you trying to start a fight? Oh, yeah? What makes you think so?


(ˈjæə and ˈjæɔ)
interj. yes. LEFTY: You okay? BRUNO: Yeah. LEFTY: Yeah? BRUNO: Yeah! I said yeah! Did you hear me say yeah?

Yeah, right!

exclam. the ultimate sarcastic response of disbelief. Yeah, right! You were just going through my desk looking for a pencil.
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"It's always taken a long time for these things to shift, and right now it is really hard work to be making symbolic gestures and nailing colours to the Yeah mast," say Lauren.
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer gets her ya-ya's out in the groveling lines, "I wanna be your passenger/Take me as your prisoner/I wanna be an alien/Take me please, oh alien" Souped-up guitars and spacy squiggles add to this unabashed, B-movie-themed punk romp.
The kind of skaters that I walk in to a Denny's and I'm looking at the waitress going "Yeah, it's cool, I'm with these dudes!" She's impressed; who wouldn't be?
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Radio 4, Longwave, the Walkmen, and A.R.E.
Not only will the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' catchy tunes grab your attention, so too will Karen's eccentric stage outfits, which make the band's performance one you just won't want to miss.
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs gets their collective Le Freak on the '70s disco throwback "Dragon Queen." With a demure, Deborah Harry falsetto, O embodies complete dance divatude as she seductively purrs, "knock my body out." Acoustic guitars and churchlike keyboards form a cushiony cloud for O's fragile vocals on the album's closer, "Little Shadows." Crying into the night for darkness to follow her home, O gives us another reason to follow her anywhere she goes, whether the place she takes us is shrouded in shadows or basking in the sun.
AFTER much waiting around and a support act, The Service, that sounded like a pneumatic drill with a whistle thrown in, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs got off to an explosive start.
The impact of punk's self-consciously abject character has clearly been lost, so that where Hebdige could quote someone saying after a Sex Pistols concert in 1977, "I felt unclean for about 48 hours," the recycling of this style today allows for easy adoption by the mainstream: Karen O of the purportedly "underground" Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the family-friendly Ashlee Simpson are virtual equivalents.
And he has every reason to looked pleased with himself - for not only does he have impeccable taste (he plumped for Andrew Weatherall's A Pox On The Pioneers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs' It's Blitz and The Ecstatic by Mos Def) he won 10 great CDS as well.
IF you still think the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are a yelling feedback squall you haven't bought their Show Your Bones album.
THE YEAH, YEAH, YEAHS Barrowland, Glasgow, April 11 HHHHH It was good to see Yeahs' frontwoman Karen O hasn't lost any of her trademark craziness.
But the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are the greatest secret never to have broken through into the mainstream.
THE Yeah Yeah Yeahs want fans to play the part of lead singer Karen O in a new video.
THE recording of the much anticipated second album from New York's Yeah Yeah Yeahs was surrounded by plenty of internet rumour.