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oh yeah

1. Used as an interjection to affirm something, usually enthusiastically. A: "Do you really think we have a chance at winning?" B: "Oh yeah! I think we have a great chance!"
2. Used as interjection to express interest in something someone is saying. A: "My father works as a piano tuner." B: "Oh yeah? How'd he get into that?"
3. Used as an interjection to express disbelief of or childish hostility toward something someone is saying. A: "One of these days, I'll be running this place." B: "Oh yeah? Let me know how that turns out for you." A: "You're just a big stupid head!" B: "Oh yeah? Well, you're a bigger, stupider head!"
4. Used as interjection to indicate that one has just remembered or thought of something. Oh yeah, that's what I wanted to ask you: where did you get that suit? A: "And then you just restart the computer to finish installing the software." B: "Oh yeah, duh, I knew that."
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Oh, yeah?

Inf. Is that what you think? (Rude and hostile.) Tom: You're getting to be sort of a pest. Bill: Oh, yeah? Tom: Yeah. Bob: This sauce tastes bad. I think you ruined it. Bill: Oh, yeah? What makes you think so? Bob: My tongue tells me!

ˌoh ˈyeah?

(spoken) used when you are commenting on what somebody has just said: ‘We’re off to France soon.’ ‘Oh yeah? When’s that?’ ♢ (ironic) ‘I’m going to be rich one day.’ ‘Oh yeah?’ (= I don’t believe you.)
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Oh, yeah?

(ˈo ˈjæə)
exclam. Is that what you think?; Are you trying to start a fight? Oh, yeah? What makes you think so?


(ˈjæə and ˈjæɔ)
interj. yes. LEFTY: You okay? BRUNO: Yeah. LEFTY: Yeah? BRUNO: Yeah! I said yeah! Did you hear me say yeah?

Yeah, right!

exclam. the ultimate sarcastic response of disbelief. Yeah, right! You were just going through my desk looking for a pencil.
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Yeah, and those are the guys that you've got to wonder about.
Yeah, I think there was a certain spirit about the show where it was just me and my friends having fun, and it translated.
Yeah, you definitely demystified the thong on that show, I think.
Yeah, when I first met him, he said he had an idea and was going to write this movie and wanted to meet me because he wanted to write a character for me.
Yeah, you always try and think that way, just to get the most out of the day.
Heard: Yeah, I made that decision, except I dramatized it and made him get shot.
Heard: Yeah, because I was trying to address problems and prepare solutions rather than write.
Heard: Well, yeah, along those lines, but that's not really my purpose.
Yeah, what do you think when you see the PD's around?
Yeah, it's a little weird but maybe kids want to identify with something and they don't have that.