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Technicolor yawn

n. vomit. (see also throw a Technicolor yawn. Technicolor is a protected trade name.) This horrible pizza will bring on a few Technicolor yawns if we serve it.
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throw a Technicolor yawn

tv. to vomit. (see also Technicolor yawn.) John stumbled into the living and threw a Technicolor yawn on the new carpet.
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Researchers are now looking at whether the ability to catch yawns from other people is inherited, with the hope of helping treat mental health disorders.
In 2013, Medical News Today reported on a study in dogs, which suggested that the contagious yawns dogs get from their owners are a result of empathy rather than stress.
The researchers found that certain individuals were less susceptible to contagious yawns than others, with participants yawning between 0 and 15 times during the video.
If you have a dog, be prepared to do a lot of fake yawning to see if it's true that dogs can"catch" yawns from their owners.
Here's something for dog owners to try: Offer a big yawn and see if Fido yawns back.
The researchers found that subjects in winter 6 which in Arizona corresponds to about room temperature -- "were nearly twice as likely to yawn during the survey and that even when accounting for variables such as the amount of sleep the night before, duration of time spent outside prior to being surveyed, and relative humidity, ambient temperature was the only significant predictor of yawns.
Everyone yawns, including unborn babies in the womb and even animals.
Foetal yawns occurred more frequently than simple mouth openings early in pregnancy, but declined after 28 weeks.
Researchers discovered that yawns are more contagious between family members or friends than strangeS rs.
RESEARCHERS have discovered that yawns are more contagious between family members or friends than strangers.
Three recent papers all contribute to our understanding of yawns.
It was not clear from this experiment just why the yawns occurred.
Though the tiger is barely tired (but he has been playing a tough game of chess), he yawns and, in a case of dancing with the stars, the showy swans yawn too
5 When a dog yawns he is demonstrating that the situation is overwhelming or is creating anxiety, the yawning is a way of calming himself down.
LONDON: Dogs find human yawns contagious, suggesting they have a rudimentary capacity for empathy, British scientists said yesterday.