dated slang Used to summarize, characterize, or represent information or chatter that one finds boring, trivial, or annoying. Widely replaced by the more common "yada, yada(, yada)." So then I ran into my friend, Sarah. Sarah and I went to high school together, and we were really good friends until we had a bit of a falling out. Anyway, yatata-yatata, the point is that I haven't seen her in a long time. A: "You've got to be absolutely sure you have this latch—" B: "Secured, or else it could come loose on the road, and that would be bad, yatata-yatata, I know." He just kept going on and on about his oh-so important work in impoverished communities. Yatata-yatata-yatata.
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n. the sound of chatter or yak. He gets on the phone, and it’s yatata-yatata for hours.
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Dmitri Borgmann provided some similar 12-letter examples on page 30 of Language on Vacation, such as YATATA YATATA and ANANAS ANANAS, but these rely on the items concerned being tautonymic.