yank (one's) chain

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yank (one's) chain

To tease one, often by trying to convince them of something that isn't true. Quit yanking my chain, I know there isn't a Hollywood director calling me right now. I love yanking my sister's chain—it's almost too easy to fool her.
See also: chain, yank

yank someone's chain

Sl. to harass someone; to give someone a hard time. (As if one were a dog wearing a choker collar, on a leash.) Stop yanking my chain! Do you really think you can just yank my chain whenever you want?
See also: chain, yank

yank somebody’s ˈchain

(American English, informal) tell somebody something which is not true, as a joke: Did you mean what you said, or were you just yanking my chain?
Yank means pull something hard, quickly and suddenly.
See also: chain, yank
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We're just yanking your chain, this is indeed a pretty good game; enough to be deemed export worthy
We think your daughters enjoy yanking your chain in whatever direction it will go.
Rather, it involves showing the dog what is correct and what the consequences are if he persists in yanking your chain.
Those are anti-stress options to stop torturing yourself from reading the rumours and giving yourself distance from others yanking your chain.
Just yanking your chain, but it looks like you're having fun in Missouri.
Do you think there's more to her than just being an exhibitionist, yanking your chain and copying Britney and Madonna?