yank away

yank someone or something away (from someone or something)

to jerk someone or something away from someone or something. He yanked his hand away from the fire. Please yank away that rug from the fire before it gets burned.
See also: away, yank
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To me, as to a number of economists perhaps most notably Lawrence Summers, the former Treasury secretary the answer seems painfully obvious: Don't yank away that punch bowl, don't pull that rate-hike trigger, until you see the whites of inflation's eyes.
To me, this begs this question: If the NBA knew about Donaghy's gambling problem before, why wouldn't they do more than just yank away his second-round playoff privileges for the 2005 postseason?
A) sticky foods that yank away pieces of the tooth's enamel.
If the guy has his tongue in your mouth (and you're OK with that), you don't want to just yank away from him.
A sharp burst of laser light striking an atom can yank away an electron, ionizing the atom.
You'll see Congressional reaction only if companies yank away from existing retirees the entire retiree medical benefit promised.