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informal Short for "Yankee."
1. An inhabitant or resident of the Northern United States. Primarily heard in US. Did that Yank really just insult Alabama? Those northerners may think they're better than us southerners, but I'm going to set him straight right now!
2. An American. Primarily heard in UK. I overheard two Yanks in the pub last night talking about their trip through Northern England.


informal To remove or withdraw (someone or something) very abruptly and unceremoniously. The academy yanked the emcee at the last minute after he took to social media with racist remarks ahead of the awards ceremony. We were forced to yank the course when we it came to light that the professor teaching it had plagiarized his PhD thesis.
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1. tv. to harass someone. (see also yank someone around.) Stop yanking me!
2. n. a Yankee; a U.S. soldier. (Usually Yank.) I don’t care if you call me a yank. That’s what I am.
3. in. to vomit. Somebody or some animal yanked on the driveway.


mod. arrested. (Underworld.) Lefty got himself yanked one too many times.
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Strangely, it is not A Yank in the RAF, starring Tyrone Power and Betty Grable, presumably the source for the title of this book.
Everyone just hangs out together after work, Yank said.
We argue that Yank wishes not only to escape from his alienation but hopes to secure a natural order unsullied by the sophistications of technological life.
I'm here to rescue refugees in Bulgaria with my own money," said Yank Barry.
Coming from the unheralded songwriting team of the Zelinik brothers, "Yank!" is the most intriguing new American musical to reach New York in several seasons.
"We know a Yank, just like you, who lives rather nearby!
Too many mechanics grab the ground cable and yank it like it's a vacuum cleaner cord.
DENVER (AP) -- The presidents of three colleges are assailing the decision to yank $37.5 million in state funds for a new science building on the Auraria campus in downtown Denver.
Yank magazine, published from May 1942 to December 1945, provided World War II GIs with much-needed entertainment and comic relief from the war, becoming the most-widely read publication in the history of the U.S.
"You just give them a common peroneal strike and yank it down and be on your merry way," a private accused of murder told Golden.
"One of Bob's favorite expressions was, 'I am a Yank and I am a fighter.'" said Paul de Haan, director, resource management.
a self-absorbed social worker on a slumming expedition, and Yank, a
Speaking on behalf of the American Medical Association, Yank D.
Aside from loneliness and being the perpetual outsider (she is a Yank), she has encounters with the school bully, glue sniffing, arson, and a schoolgirl crush on her chemistry teacher that goes beyond friendship.
Hayes' inclination to yank readers from their fantasy of bearing witness and return them to the longing of the self, perhaps, highlights the entire collection's greatest ambition and its greatest weakness--tenderness.