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have (something) up the yin-yang

To have a great or excessive abundance of something. The company's had financial difficulties up the yin-yang lately, but the CEO is adamant that it will start making a profit again soon. Sorry, I can't come out tonight, I've got homework up the yin-yang.
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up the yin-yang

To an excessive or extreme degree; in great or excessive abundance. The company's had financial difficulties up the yin-yang lately, but the CEO is adamant that it will start making a profit soon. I only buy video game consoles after they've been out a while and stores aren't charging up the yin-yang for them.
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One associate of Yang expressed outrage over his arrest.
Yang Ming said it is optimizing its fleet and since last year has begun deploying "new eco-type containerships while returning some of its higher-cost chartered vessels.
Yang's performance was especially fiery considering CNN moderators gave him little opportunity to talk about his economic concerns.
Panelo, meantime, left to the discretion of Yang on whether or not he would attend a planned Senate inquiry into his alleged involvement in the illegal drug trade.
This year marks the fifth anniversary of the BRI, and over 140 countries and international organizations have signed agreements on jointly building the Belt and Road with China, Yang said.
The controversy arose after reports showed records from Malacanang confirming that the Palace entered two contracts with Yang as the 'economic adviser to the President.'
Sultan Nazrin Shah signed an instrument of declaration on his exercising the functions of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong at the Istana Hinggap Perak here today.
The petition said: "The studio owner committed suicide because of Yang Ye-won.
The four remaining brothers, now elderly, Yang Zhifa, Yang Quanyi, Yang Peiyan and Yang Xinman, still struggle to survive after finding jobs at the museum signing books for tourists for PS2 a day.
Yang Zhifa, his five brothers, Yang Quanyi, Yang Peiyan, Yang Xinman, Yang Wenhai, Yang Yanxin and friend Wang Puzhi are often referred to as a "group of peasants" when citing the incredible discovery.
Epidemiological study in the Chinese Han population revealed nine types of constitutions: the balanced constitution and eight pathological constitutions (qi deficiency, Yang deficiency, Yin deficiency, Phlegm-dampness, damp-heat, stagnant blood, stagnant qi, and inherited special constitutions) [1].
Eugene massage therapist Hee Joon Yang won't face criminal charges, but he will lose his state license and be sued by a woman who alleges that he sexually assaulted her during an appointment last December.
Brink and Phua edit this volume presenting collected papers as presented at the May 2015 conference in Singapore on the 60-year history of success of Yang-Mills gauge field theory and other contributions by Chen Ning Yang to various branches of physics.