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have (something) up the yin-yang

To have a great or excessive abundance of something. The company's had financial difficulties up the yin-yang lately, but the CEO is adamant that it will start making a profit again soon. Sorry, I can't come out tonight, I've got homework up the yin-yang.
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up the yin-yang

To an excessive or extreme degree; in great or excessive abundance. The company's had financial difficulties up the yin-yang lately, but the CEO is adamant that it will start making a profit soon. I only buy video game consoles after they've been out a while and stores aren't charging up the yin-yang for them.
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The BBC reported that, in 2007, Liu Xiquin, wife of Yang Quanyi, whose family home had been demolished, told the South China Morning Post that her husband was afraid that he and his brothers "might have brought misfortune in some way, and does still wonder if maybe the soldiers should have been left beneath the ground.
Hal ini akan meningkatkan daya tawar dengan pelanggan dan menghasilkan basis pelanggan yang lebih terdiversifikasi dan membuat modal kerja yang lebih terjaga.
But after Yang paid the money and submitted the letter on Jan.
Yang will lead the implementation of ADB's Country Partnership Strategy 2015-2019 for Pakistan, which focuses on infrastructure development and institutional reforms.
Contacted this week by telephone, Yang said he is now "doing other things" for employment.
Tombstone" earned Yang international accolades and was allowed in the past to travel abroad to receive them.
This species was described in Hubei by Yang & Yang (1991) and also known to occur in Gansu and Henan (Yang & Yang 2004).
This consideration will be paid in a combination of cash and newly issued shares in Ming Yang.
Yang should be sentenced to 18 to 20 years, given he was found guilty of manslaughter in 2003 for fatally shooting Jacky Phandonouvong of Leominster.
Yang has studied, taught, and written about Yang-style tai chi chuan form and applications since 1962.
Before joining the global licensor of 3D and other visual technologies earlier this year, Yang served as senior vice president and GC for CityGrid Media.
In Economies of Salvation, Yang hopes to correct the "generally" held view that theology and economics are not related by demonstrating that the economist Adam Smith relies heavily on theological notions of salvation, grace, and providence and that the theologian Hegel's notion of the "cunning of reason" applies to self-interest in civil society as a middle step in the progression toward rational self-consciousness.
Shigang Yang is a USA Junior National Team Head Coach, USATT National Coach and 1998 World University Table Tennis Championships Team Champion and Mix Doubles Silver Medalist.
Yang Dacai was dismissed from his position as member of the Shaanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China (CPC), as well as head and Party chief of the provincial work safety administration, according to the provincial discipline watchdog.
Taipei, July 26, 2012 (CENS)--Tong Yang Industrial Co.