yammer about

yammer about (someone or something)

To talk volubly about someone or something, especially in an annoying, complaining, or peevish manner. If all you guys are going to do is yammer about the people you don't like in our class, then I think I'll go study somewhere else. He keeps yammering about all the problems with the project, but he never offers any helpful suggestions or solutions.
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yammer (away) about someone or something

to talk endlessly about someone or something. What are you yammering about? They were yammering away about the state of the economy.
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Even through the late 1990s it used to amaze me that journalists could yammer about employment legislation or "don't ask, don't tell" while showing film clips of drag queens in hot pink beehive hairdos and spiked heels.
SEOUL Hollywood sitcom writers yammer about putting out 22 episodes a season.