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yak shaving

tech Small, seemingly-insignificant tasks that need to be completed before a larger one can be done. I know you're waiting on me for the software update, I'm doing this yak shaving as fast as I can!
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yak at (one)

To talk to one about trite or meaningless things in an exhausting, tedious, and lengthy manner, especially without letting the other person respond or engage meaningfully. I got stuck sitting next to Randy at the company dinner, who just yakked at me all night about his fantasy football team. If you're just yakking at your clients about a bunch of numbers and graphs, you probably aren't getting them very interested in what you have to say.
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yak up

slang To vomit (something). A noun or pronoun can be used between "yak" and "up." The dog has this nasty habit of eating candles off the table and then yakking them up all over the carpet later. We both yakked up our dinner the whole night, so there was definitely something wrong with what they served us.
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yak at

or yack at
v. Slang
1. To talk at length to someone without regard for his or her interest: My neighbors yakked at me about their new dog for over an hour.
2. To nag someone noisily or peevishly: Her parents yakked at her for getting home so late.
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yak up

or yack up
v. Slang
To eject some contents of the stomach by vomiting: He was so sick today that he yakked up his lunch. The dog ate some leather and then yakked it up.
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n. chatter; gossip. That’s enough yackety-yak. Quiet!


and yack (jæk)
1. in. to talk. Stop yakking for a minute.
2. n. a chat. We had a nice little yack and then left for work.
3. n. a joke. Don’t tell that yack again. It’s not a winner.
4. n. a laugh from a joke. The audience produced a feeble yak that was mostly from embarrassment.
5. in. to vomit. (Onomatopoetic.) Hank was in the john yakking all night.
6. n. cognac. (Streets.) My man, have some yak.

yak it up

tv. to talk incessantly or a lot. Why don’t you all just yak it up while I get ready to give the talk?
See also: up, yak
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By contrast, some yak producers are in fact crossing their yaks with domestic cattle breeds and very few are labeling these crosses as "dzo" or "yattle;" they simply call them "yak.
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