slang A lot of prolonged, noisy, and unimportant talk or chatter. All right, cut out the yakety-yak, kids, it's time to get class started. I find I just have to tune out all the yakety-yak of the news during election season.
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n. chatter; gossip. That’s enough yackety-yak. Quiet!
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And watching a casket being pushed hurriedly to the open mouth of an empty plot while the Benny Hill Show theme music, Yackety Sax, played in the background would give a certain closure to loved ones.
A photo of Wolfe as editor from the 1920 Yackety Yack is reproduced on page 32.
The bottom line was that he (Francis) was just trying to protect me, he didn't want me to get hurt, on and on, yackety, yackety.
Jane, who is in the room next door, hears Dynamite's yackety yack until 2am with such consistent rhythm that it sends her to sleep, much like being on a train.
(See "Yackety Clack," May 2007, for more on enterprise chat.) Still, a sizable chunk of customer irritation with Web self-service is the product of two intertwined culprits: shoddy content and barriers to finding relevant information.
Best of all, though, are My Baby Left Me Yackety Yak, which both feature some blistering guitar playing from a young Richie Blackmore before he found fame with Deep Purple.
His visit is plagued with inexplicable hostility from people he meets, beginning with a yackety taxi driver (Frank van den Bops, playing for laughs).
And you rarely get a chance to hear a banjo on a jazz record in the 21st century, but could get a hefty slice of the old yackety yack here.
It isn't interesting, like what you hear people saying in social life--yackety yackety yack.
"It's very much based on the social scene of the 50s, you see us in the jukebox diner, at the drivein, it's the girls versus the guys and yackety yack, then we slow things down and it's all about the romance of the era.
He was born in 1897, was a member of the class of 1920, and, according to the 1916 Yackety Yack, was a member of the Phi Society.
Narrator is Paul McGann, who once sang with the Vienna Boys Choir, and whose showbiz career began with brothers Joe, Mark and Stephen in the 1983 musical Yackety Yak.
I decided I wanted to get back into acting, went to auditions and ended up doing a musical with my brothers called Yackety Yack in 1982.