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I'm excited about what I have the possibility of being able to do," Yack, who had been editor since 1998, said in the story.
This life was so beautiful [living in La Redonne, France, as he tries to finish the Dan Yack books], I wanted to enjoy my liberty right up to the last moment, before throwing myself into the battle royal that was waiting for me in Brazil, a battle with certain members of the government, a battle with the interests of certain political clans, a battle with the agents and representatives of the big petrol merchants, a press campaign against the trusts and monopolies of the United States and the leaders of the automobile industry of Detroit who, as in France, had made a business agreement with Standard Oil and the Wall Street banks to prevent any change in the manufacture of car engines destined for South America.
They make complex vibratory signals using hair-like structures on their 'bum' segment," the BBC quoted Yack as saying.
Scientists too often dismiss caterpillars as "eating machines," Yack grumbles.
Perhaps the world would be just fine without the Yack Back Poll du jour (What is your favorite Madonna image: fishnet clad, sultry Latin vixen, blond child teaser or the latest incarnation, Rhinestone Cowgirl?
Since talk of such a new age is parasitic upon the illusion of a coherent modernity, Yack calls postmodernity "a mere figment of our modernity fetish" [p.
Yack makes two principal distinctions within which we can situate the term modernity.
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Many moths have evolved such ultrasonic hearing, but researchers hadn't detected it in butterflies, Yack notes.
They yack endlessly about their grim conquests - and with friends like these who needs enemies?
Our feature staff writes regularly for other parts of the paper," said Patrick Yack, managing editor of the Eugene, Ore.
Yack - part of the Handbag site - hosts web events, such as chats about cookery, concerts or football matches, which the regular visitor can put in her calendar or ask to have an e-mail sent to remind her to attend.