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n. a wimp; a weak person. Don’t be such a wuss. Stand up for your rights.
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Classical music on the fiddle was a bit wussy, I didn't like it, I thought the tunes were stupid.
John Flint Racing Stables is no Sandhill, but we have nine of the 15 boxes filled, a four and a half furlong wood chip gallop, a plentiful schooling field and Sasha, the wussy whippet (she's not much use, but we'd all miss her if she disappeared).
After all, didn't he get all wussy and recant in the New York Times not that long ago?
We had a bottle of beer each - me an Old Speckled Hen and Jerry, it must be said, a slightly wussy Italian job.
Anyone who disagrees fails to grasp the complexities of Eurasian politics and is a craven wussy.
There was nothing special about it, no deep frog, and he didn't sound girlish or wussy.
The weather would be favorable for us wussy writers, plus covering ground in ATVs and glassing is an ideal way to hunt pronghorns.
That means dumping wussy words and phrases like: 'perhaps', 'allegedly', and 'on-the-other-hand'.
Scorsese correctly refuses to go wussy on the corruption that extends from Costello's nest of vipers to the State House, whose gold dome Colin sees from the window of his chic apartment on Beacon Hill.
Instead, Universal has provided a wussy one--the sort that makes you question whether major studios can really foster films that wander out of the mainstream.
5 grain with those wussy 160 grain bullets the cowboys love you can see how not true the "substitute" label would be.
I toed the rubber, I'll have you know -- no wussy standing in front of the pitcher's mound -- and got it to the plate," she recalls.
People will say that Southerners drink wussy beer," says Bradford, a vocal fan of Duck-Rabbit's porter.
Two months ago almost everyone in Canada was in an uproar because a crazy old man who wears funny suits said hockey players from Quebec were wussy because they wore helmet with visors.