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n. a wimp; a weak person. Don’t be such a wuss. Stand up for your rights.
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That means dumping wussy words and phrases like: 'perhaps', 'allegedly', and 'on-the-other-hand'.
Scorsese correctly refuses to go wussy on the corruption that extends from Costello's nest of vipers to the State House, whose gold dome Colin sees from the window of his chic apartment on Beacon Hill.
People will say that Southerners drink wussy beer," says Bradford, a vocal fan of Duck-Rabbit's porter.
Two months ago almost everyone in Canada was in an uproar because a crazy old man who wears funny suits said hockey players from Quebec were wussy because they wore helmet with visors.
Still, you can't deny that with his unique blend of choreography and stunt work, usually without such wussy items as a safety net - helmets are for jessies - he certainly suffers for his art, and deserves the millions he has hopefully made.
To flavor the meat, there are a trio of sauces--Tough Guy Hot Sauce, Tough Guy Steak Sauce, and Tough Guy Wussy Hot Sauce--the latter proclaiming that it "lets every wimp strap on a pair of spurs, live in a saddle, eat beans and wolf down a meal without breaking a sweat
A world full of rich people will obviously be too wussy to go to war, so war will die out.
Alluding to the litigious reputation of the United States, the reader urged Australians to stop worrying about liability and "whining" about small things: "We are tough Aussies and not wussy Americans.
His reign was dogged by war and England's original patron saint - the man of prayer St Edward the Confessor - was perhaps just a little bit too wussy.
Far away from wussy, oversize lawns, this golf is played in deserts, mine fields, and junk yards.
Hip-hop is huge; people who once thought dance too wussy for words have taken it into their lives, and hip-hop has drawn them to the dance studios, as well as to the clubs, the streets, and the Gap commercials.
When Dreamworks gives us a modern wussy Moses in a supposedly adult cartoon, they treat us as Guido treats Giosue -- but with neither love nor shelter.
As for those of us who occasionally need to apologize, enough of the wussy mea culpas about how miserable we feel (all emphasis remaining, conveniently enough, on us).
There's nothing wussy or self-abnegating about this--T.