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slang Someone who is too nervous, afraid, or reserved to do anything too intense, extreme, or risky. We're all doing the bungie jump. Don't be a wuss, Bob! I remember calling other kids wusses because they didn't want to smoke, but now I realize that they were the brave ones.

wuss out (of something)

slang To withdraw from doing something out of fear, insecurity, or laziness. They were just about to strap me in for the bungie jump, but I wussed out at the last second. Jeff had promised to help, but he wussed out of the project when he realized how much work it would entail. Sorry, guys, Janet's wussing out of the road trip. She says she isn't comfortable being away from home for that long.
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slang Of, indicating, or characterizing someone who is too nervous, afraid, or reserved to do anything too intense, extreme, or risky. Touch football is just a wussy sport. Give me full-contact rugby any day! He said I was wussy just because I didn't want to smoke a cigarette.
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wuss out

v. Slang
To withdraw from a commitment or course of action because of cowardice or insecurity: I was going to go into the haunted house, but then I wussed out and stayed in the car.
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n. a wimp; a weak person. Don’t be such a wuss. Stand up for your rights.


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We are all wusses, we didn't drink nder-age." (ANI)
A national newspaper's website has very conveniently compiled a list of Winter Wusses and Winter Warriors in English football's top division by tallying up which outfield players wear gloves.
Belle and Sebastian have been ranked alongside Chris Martin as one of the 25 biggest wusses ever.
Asked if he were calling Washingtonians weather wusses, Obama gleefully responded: "I'm saying that when it comes to the weather, folks in Washington don't seem to be able to handle things."
WHILE the Premier League's wusses have been wearing gloves, I've pondered five questions on the fingers of one of my mitten-less hands.
WE hear that the British Association of Wusses are shortly to leave on their annual outing to Pamplona to take part in the running of the bullfrogs.
ARSENAL spent last season pretending not to care about the Carling Cup, then whinged like wusses when they were beaten in the final.
TIGER WOODS last night claimed he had turned golf from a game for "wusses" into a cool sport after a decade at the top of the world.
They say: Deodorant, hair gel and conditioner is for wusses.