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wuss out

v. Slang
To withdraw from a commitment or course of action because of cowardice or insecurity: I was going to go into the haunted house, but then I wussed out and stayed in the car.
See also: out, wuss


n. a wimp; a weak person. Don’t be such a wuss. Stand up for your rights.


See wussy
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Wuss graduated from Millbury High School and worked for many years at Reeds & Prince Manufacturing Co.
He also admits performing acupuncture outside but denies it was unsafe or that he accused GB of being a wuss.
OK, this is a little embarrassing but I'm a little more of a wuss in real life, obviously, than my character," Contactmusic quoted him as telling Starpulse.
Maybe it wouldn't have happened if I hadn't been legless with drink, but I wouldn't bet on it' Cardiff actor Ioan Gruffudd confesses to being a hopeless wuss
Plus it gets really dark in the countryside and I'm a wuss.
He is a bit of a wuss as he doesn't like flying in big open spaces," said owner Janet Southard, who runs the Wild Arena photography company, inside Knowsley Safari Park near Liverpool.
Spencer is a Wuss (where did he do time, HMP Trumpton?
It was a tough one to call,but thankfully,he chose his job - she was an annoying wuss who quite frankly didn't deserve to have such a great bloke.
He was a perfect cad in ``Bridget Jones's Diary,'' and then, earlier this year, showed us that an old scoundrel could redeem himself without becoming a wuss in the process in ``About a Boy.
Rugby's scraps of possession never took them into Worcester's 22, let alone threaten a score, but the defence did well to restrict Wuss to just two more tries, both from Tom Richardson, before half time.
But if I turn my girlfriend down she'll think I'm a wuss.
Bolt, 22, who has a long-standing invitation from boss Sir Alex Ferguson to visit Old Trafford, said: "I'm going to tell Ronaldo to stop being such a wuss.
Please don't turn him from a streetwise Jack The Lad into some drippy new man wuss.
nts dy nd I m,m ts p rn But if I turn my girlfriend down she'll think I'm a wuss.
Scooby-Doo, The Magic Roundabout, Bagpuss and Mr Benn used to scare me,' says the wuss.