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slang Someone who is too nervous, afraid, or reserved to do anything too intense, extreme, or risky. We're all doing the bungie jump. Don't be a wuss, Bob! I remember calling other kids wusses because they didn't want to smoke, but now I realize that they were the brave ones.

wuss out (of something)

slang To withdraw from doing something out of fear, insecurity, or laziness. They were just about to strap me in for the bungie jump, but I wussed out at the last second. Jeff had promised to help, but he wussed out of the project when he realized how much work it would entail. Sorry, guys, Janet's wussing out of the road trip. She says she isn't comfortable being away from home for that long.
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slang Of, indicating, or characterizing someone who is too nervous, afraid, or reserved to do anything too intense, extreme, or risky. Touch football is just a wussy sport. Give me full-contact rugby any day! He said I was wussy just because I didn't want to smoke a cigarette.
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wuss out

v. Slang
To withdraw from a commitment or course of action because of cowardice or insecurity: I was going to go into the haunted house, but then I wussed out and stayed in the car.
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n. a wimp; a weak person. Don’t be such a wuss. Stand up for your rights.


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"If anyone has a snarky opinion of Generation Wuss, then that person is labeled by them as a 'douche'case closed.
What a total wuss. The sooner Jolene, a sexy line dance teacher who used to have the hots for old Eddie Grundy, ditches this pathetic apology for a philanderer and finds herself a real man with a nice rigid backbone - like Debbie Aldridge's appealing lecturer lover Simon - the better.
And if wuss comes to wuss, I'll shed every drop of blood my able-bodied relations has got to prosekoot the war.'
UFC fighter Jose Aldo has continued his war of words with Conor McGregor - calling him "a wuss" and saying he has "soap hands".
HE'S A MR F-WRIGHT MARK Wright is a massive wuss, as fiancee Michelle Keegan discovered when she treated him to a romantic weekend away in a secluded log cabin for his 27th birthday.
WHO would have thought that The Inbetweeners star James Buckley was such a wuss? The actor admits he's only changed the nappies of his 21-month-old son Harrison a couple of times.
Monthly facials and staying out of the sun is doing the job for me at the moment and plus I am a right wuss!
Whittle used expletives when she called an elderly man a "wuss" after he fell over during a confrontation and when she told a female patient it was "about time" she had "a shave", it is claimed.
What a wuss! Is that any way for a brave policeman to behave?
(Taylor) Wuss, 86, formerly of Worcester, died Wednesday, Jan.
Mainly, I think, that our police force must be in a sorry state if the whingeing wuss that is Brian Paddick was able to rise to the rank of deputy assistant commissioner of the Met.
Actor Rupert Everett proved a total wuss as he began wailing that he didn't know anyone famous to help the fundraising efforts.
Anderson's in Burger Wuss, this is an intriguing read for junior high students, with a convincing moral about taking responsibility.
Daniel Reed told an employment tribunal he had been called a ``w ker'', ``d head''and a ``pathetic wuss''.