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write a bum check

To submit a money order as payment when the account being drawn upon does not or will not have adequate funds for the order to clear. Primarily heard in US. My ex-husband was so addicted to shopping that, by the end of our marriage, he had started writing bum checks just to keep making purchases. Being in debt has always scared the hell out of me, so I've made sure to never write a bum check in my life.
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write on water

To have a fleeting impact, as opposed to a lasting legacy. People will forget these superficial pop stars in no time—their careers are written on water.
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that's all she wrote

This is the end; there is nothing left to say. That's all she wrote for the defending champions, who fall just short of winning two years in a row. I'm sorry, Ben, but the board's decision is final. That's all she wrote, I'm afraid.
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write in

1. verb To vote for a candidate not listed on the ballot by writing their name in a space provided. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "write" and "in." So many people wrote in Mrs. Daley for the position that she was nearly elected. He didn't win the primary, but a lot of people are saying they're going to write him in during the general election.
2. verb To add something to a document by writing it. It's OK if you've already printed it out—you can just write in the missing footnote at the bottom of the page.
3. verb To add something to a work of fiction, such as a story or script, often in order to satisfy some requirement. The studio wants us to write in a few more action scenes. Have you seen the new season? They wrote in a new sister character.
4. verb To send a message to an organization by mail or email. That's it for this week's show. Don't forget to write in and tell us about your favorite memories for our anniversary special. I wrote in to ask for a refund, and I actually got one.
5. noun A candidate not listed on the ballot who receives votes from voters who write the candidate's name in a space provided. He's not affiliated with any party, but he says he's trying to win as a write-in.
6. noun A vote for such a candidate. As a noun, the phrase is hyphenated. There were a lot of write-ins. Someone voted for Daffy Duck.
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write off

1. In accounting, to consider something a loss. A noun or pronoun can be used between "write" and "off." We've been keeping these outstanding payments on the books, but we need to write them off as a loss.
2. In accounting, to record an asset as having no value. A noun or pronoun can be used between "write" and "off." That equipment can no longer be used, so we are writing it off.
3. To dismiss as insufficient, worthless, or a failure. A noun or pronoun can be used between "write" and "off." Don't write off Joe so fast. He's smarter than you think. I could tell that they wrote me off as soon as I walked on the court, but that just motivated me to play harder.
4. To disregard something due to perceiving it as unimportant or not warranting special attention. A noun or pronoun can be used between "write" and "off." At the time, I wrote off his behavior as just a product of stress from work. Obviously now I can see it was more than that. Most people wrote the comment off as a simple gaffe, but I think it had a deeper significance.
5. To send a written message, often a request. When I was a kid, I used to write off to my favorite athletes asking them for autographs. Mom is not happy with the bill, so she's writing off a letter to the company.
6. noun In accounting, the act of considering something a loss, or the item itself. As a noun, the phrase is hyphenated. All of these write-offs will significantly change our valuation.
7. noun In accounting, the act of recording an asset as having no value, or the asset itself. As a noun, the phrase is hyphenated. The car was totaled, so it ended up being a write-off.
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write (one's) (own) ticket

To have the means, ability, or empowerment to decide one's own terms or course of action. Students who specialize in computer programming have been able to write their tickets in the economy for the last several years, as demand has continued to outpace supply for skilled employees in this field. The movie star began writing her own tickets after she exploded in popularity in the early 2000s.
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That's all she wrote.

 and That's what she wrote.
Inf. That is all of it.; That is the last of it. Here's the last one we have to fix. There, that's all she wrote. That's what she wrote. There ain't no more.
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write in (to something) (for something)

to send a written request to something for something in particular. Please write in for a detailed recipe of all the dishes on today's program. I am going to write in for a clarification.
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write off (to someone) (for something)

to send a written request for something away to someone. I wrote off to my parents for some money, but I think they are ignoring me. I wrote off for money. I need money so I wrote off to my parents.
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write someone in (on something)

to write the name of someone in a special place on a ballot, indicating a vote for the person. (Done when the person's name is not already printed on the ballot.) Please write my name in on the ballot. I wrote in your name on the ballot.
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write someone or something off

to drop someone or something from consideration. The manager wrote Tom off for a promotion. I wrote off that piece of swampy land as worthless. It can't be used for anything.
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write someone or something off

 (as a something)
1. . to give up on turning someone or something into something. I had to write Jill off as a future executive. The company wrote off the electric automobile as a dependable means of transportation. He would never work out. We wrote him off.
2. . to give up on someone or something as a dead loss, waste of time, hopeless case, etc. Don't write me off as a has-been. We almost wrote off the investment as a dead loss.
3. . to take a charge against one's taxes. Can I write this off as a deduction, or is it a dead loss? Can I write off this expense as a tax deduction?
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write something off

to absorb a debt or a loss in accounting. The bill couldn't be collected, so we had to write it off. The bill was too large, and we couldn't write off the amount. We decided to sue.
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write something off (on one's taxes)

to deduct something from one's income taxes. Can I write this off on my income taxes? I'll write off this trip on my taxes. Oh, yes! Write it off!
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wrote the book on something

Fig. to be very authoritative about something; to know enough about something to write the definitive book on it. (Always in past tense.) Ted wrote the book on unemployment. He's been looking for work in three states for two years. Do I know about misery? I wrote the book on misery!
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write in

1. Cast a vote by inserting a name not listed on the ballot, as in He asked them to write in his name as a candidate. [c. 1930]
2. Insert in a text or document, as in Please don't write in your corrections on the printed pages, but list them separately. [Late 1300s]
3. Communicate with an organization by mail, as in Listeners are being asked to write in their requests. [1920s]
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write off

1. Reduce an asset's book value to zero because it is worthless, as in The truck was wrecked completely, so we can write it off. [Late 1600s]
2. Cancel from an account as a loss, as in Since they'll never be able to pay back what they owe, let's just write off that debt. [Late 1800s] Also see charge off, def. 2.
3. Regard as a failure or worthless, as in There was nothing to do but write off the first day of our trip because of the bad weather , or She resented their tendency to write her off as a mere housewife. [Late 1800s]
4. Amortize, as in We can write off the new computer network in two years or less. Also see charge off, def. 2.
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wrote the book on

Knows nearly everything about, as in Ask Dr. Lock; he wrote the book on pediatric cardiology, or I wrote the book on job-hunting; I've been looking for two years. This expression is always put in the past tense. [Colloquial; second half of 1900s]
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that's all she wrote

You say that's all she wrote when there is no more to say or when something is finished. That was all she wrote. He got hurt, and he didn't play much anymore.
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(and) that's all she wrote

used to convey that there is or was nothing more to be said about a matter. North American informal
2001 Chicago Tribune The snap was a little high, and…I tilted up for a second and that's all she wrote…I took my eye off the ball.
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wrote the book on

know everything there is to know about; be the expert on. informal, chiefly North American
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that’s all she ˈwrote

(American English, informal) used when you are stating that there is nothing more that can be said about something or that something is completely finished: And that’s all she wrote for today, folks, because it’s time for me to go.All you have to do is point and shoot and that’s all she wrote.
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write in

1. To cast a vote by inserting some name not listed on a ballot: The members of the minority party wrote in their candidate's name on their ballots. Write me in for mayor in the next election!
2. To insert something in a text or document: I wrote in a disclaimer at the end of the article. You forgot to cite your sources for the paper, so I wrote them in for you.
3. To insert a character or scene into a narrative work: The editor insisted that the author write in a happy ending to the story. I revised the play and wrote some new characters in.
4. To communicate with some organization by mail: Please write in with a completed entry form.
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write off

1. To cancel something from accounts as a loss: The bank has written off the account balance as an unrecoverable debt. After efforts to collect the payment failed, we decided to write it off. We wrote the trip off as a business expense.
2. To consider something a loss or failure: We wrote off the first day of our vacation because it rained all day. The doctors wrote him off when a treatment couldn't be found for his illness.
3. To deem someone or something inconsequential and disregard them: I wouldn't write off the option of going to nursing school. Critics wrote the singer off as a novelty act.
4. To send a written request: I wrote off to the university for an application.
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That’s all she wrote

and That’s what she wrote
sent. That is all of it. Here’s the last one we have to fix. There, that’s all she wrote.
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That’s what she wrote

See also: she, what, wrote
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When I wrote about black characters, they tended to be inner-city youths.
The definitions are phenomenological," Bochner wrote of the art in the "Primary Structures" exhibition at the Jewish Museum in 1966, identifying Andre, Flavin, LeWitt, Judd, Morris, and Smithson.
I came in one night about twelve and wrote until about six in the morning and went to sleep without even knowing what I had written.
Each of her subjects yields slightly different answers, but all demonstrate that as these women wrote medicine, they all imagined themselves to be an authentic part of its world.
I had my own ideas about politics and art, and a growing impatience with demented readers from one or another faction who regularly wrote disgustingly abusive letters, correcting me for some slight against a newly victimized segment of the artmaking population.
As I recall, one of Harriet's papers in the course involved a social critique of body image, and I am certain she wrote about this issue in her journal as well.
Link: You also wrote in Finding Makeba, through Ben, "How could the artistic expression for an African American man penetrate the same culture that enslaved him?
For a time, Williams wrote articles for national magazines, cranking out features for Holiday, Saturday Review, even spending two years as an African correspondent for Newsweek.
Later, he wrote speeches on the same topic for other speakers, a chore that turned into a fulltime speech writing job.
One survey respondent, recognizing the cultural barriers that ESL students often have, wrote that she sometimes discusses cultural differences when meeting one-on-one with her ESL students.
However, it was Reflections of an Affirmative Action Baby--in which he wrote about how the policies and politics of that era had been both helpful and a hindrance--that attracted a lot of controversy and publicity at the time, and established him as a thinker to be taken seriously.
Though my life was surrounded with Caribbean writers of color (my father and his friends), none of them wrote sf.
Jordan-Henley) is convinced that the greater revision helped the quality of her students' work,'' Jordan-Henley and Maid wrote in a paper on the project, published in the Writing Lab Newsletter.
It is like the book they wrote was a record of their past but also present and future accomplishments.
I like what he wrote about, and I like the way he wrote.