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I just wrote, "Loomis slashes his chest." I didn't say, "Well I know what I'm going to do.
I wrote constantly, beginning the novel Separate and Related, and I also wrote the first short story I "sold" that year--although I didn't begin trying to sell it until after I'd left grad school.
As long as he read his stories to the teacher and she wrote them down, there was no problem understanding what he had to say.
In a study of writing groups in a college classroom, McAllister (2005) found that students participating in collaborative writing groups were more active in sharing their ideas, attended class more frequently, and showed a higher improvement in their writing than did students who wrote individually.
"The Beckett tension is between the person and the mathematical zero," wrote the late literary critic Hugh Kenner in his groundbreaking Samuel Beckett: A Critical Study (1961), "hence his preoccupation with series and permutation, with the unique tenacities of declarative syntax, which so order and encase mute agonies, and with silence.
So he said he was only going to write prose, but by trying to do that he wrote A Notebook of a Return to My Native Land.
Another strategy, one favored by the first woman to be the dean of a medical school, Ann Preston of Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, was the masquerade or "cross-dressing." Preston's rhetorical ploy involved a simple subterfuge: in most of the college addresses and announcements she authored, frequently anonymously, she wrote as if there was nothing anomalous at all in the existence of a woman's medical college.
"The thing was, no one was writing these types of books for the African-American market." Gray returned to his book and wrote it from a Christian perspective.
The Ghosts of Versailles, the opera that I wrote with musician John Corigliano, took me about 12 years to complete.
For example, "The manager wrote the report" is active, and "The report was written by the manager" is passive.
Below are the words of a journal entry that I wrote just before I stumbled into writing a major portion of this article.
And often, we think that if you don't like the way we wrote something, you don't like us.
For instance, instead of "Bologna," he wrote "B I gn." Although aware of his spelling errors, the man still could not come up with any vowels.
In his final reflective letter, however, he wrote "even in class settings, my writing [style] can be acceptable.
Similarly, in "Gentle Companions: Single Women and their Letters in Late Stuart England," Susan Whyman provides notable profiles of women like Peg Adams who wrote to her Verney kin, "...