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Those of you men who think that simply by going down on your knees, and getting a giant ring of sorts would get a "yes" couldn't be any wronger.
We always have to judge between different actions that, given the configuration at present, appear to be right, but have in our judgment different likelihoods for different outcomes, some of which may be righter or wronger than others in our estimation.
If long forms are widely and rightly condemned, why do they keep getting longer and wronger? Each form must be individually approved by a regulatory agency--an IRB.
Fair enough the decision to disband the army was disastrous, causing Danny Patterson (played by Stephen Graham) to bellow: "There is no rights in this country; it's just wrong and wronger!" But it was only US/UK personnel who prevented further "chaos, confusion and corruption".
Busy as she is with saving Time City, her thoughts keep going back to her parents: "of Mum sitting in Lewisham with bombs dropping and history going wronger and wronger around her" (143).
But nouns formed from verbs in--NG make ng, as would a rare comparative like WRONGER.
They couldn't be wronger about Tonga, so tarry no longer and lump on your wonga at 5-6 that they outscore Wilko.