the spoken/written word

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spoken word

A type of poetry that is read aloud in a performance. I'll be reading some of my spoken word poetry tonight at the coffee house, if you want to stop by.
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the spoken/written ˈword

the language, in speaking/writing: The spoken word is often very different from the written word.
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Language is not sanctified and holy like the Eucharist, nor is it capable of joining God and man; however, both the written word and the bread and wine are capable of mysteriously and powerfully incarnating truth.
Through facilities such as 3D printers, digitised archives and an OpenZone IT suite, The Word, the North East Centre for the Written Word, will be a visual celebration of the written word in all its many different forms.
One day most writing may be done this way, not by pressing buttons but through speech, spoken words translated into written words by instant voice-to-text technology.
Although technology has given us amazing things in terms of moving images and sound, both online and on demand, the written word remains central to our lives.
She added, "Judges should feel 'emboldened' to trump the written word of the Constitution when protecting fundamental, unwritten principles and rights.
However, his expertise with the written word did not extend to accounting, and while he placed his total being into the company, it ultimately fell into financial ruin.
Most notable is the equal blend of photos to written word, making this as much a history as a photo tribute.
A full time artist in mediums ranging from watercolors, oils, ceramic sculpture and weaving, to bronze casting, jewelry, and lampworking in glass, Bud Rudesill's debut novel documents an equally artistic flair for the written word.
We're not merely becoming cyborgs, he says: We've been cyborgs for centuries, our bodies augmented by glasses and cars, guns and guitars, Google and the written word.
Against the written word, the young imagine the world differently and use the walls to express their discontent and style.
She discusses the use of punctuation by many historical and contemporary authors, and how, through the ages, punctuation has been used to make the written word more understandable.
This project explores the connecting points between dance the written word, and involves several local publications including New Life Journal.
In this issue you will find two articles that address the vitality of the written word and its ability to shape history: "The Diary of Ma Yan" (pp.
The two editors of this wide-ranging collection of articles express their hope that it "will stimulate further research into sources written by the peasant himself and into the function of the written word in peasant societies in general" (8).
With lines that dizzyingly grow thin or fat and words that roll over others, the drawings constitute not an evocation of the written word but a commentary about it that carries us beyond the confines of the subject.