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Hong Kingston: I call it earth because it is so easy to be utopian and too idealistic when writing a book about how to end war.
Avoid writing memoranda using the question-and-answer format because reading it is tedious, and the opposing attorney likely will challenge the fraud examiner on why he or she asked a particular question but not another.
Havelock also ascribes other intellectual transformations to the assimilation of alphabetic writing. The habits of logic and of rhetorical analysis emerge, he argues, from the exactitude of expression that writing nurtures, so that philosophy itself stems from literacy.
Recognizing the importance of clear writing in claims, some midsized insurers insist that their adjusters attend a writing course every three years just to stay fresh.
When social worker Lucille Haratsis accepted a position at The Boston Home, she met people who'd been writing before they'd become residents at the famed 84-bed nursing-care facility for people with MS and related neurological diseases.
Writing is perhaps the loneliest profession on earth, and writing about dance is not only lonely, but underappreciated, underpaid, underfed, and underencouraged.
Her guidelines and advice for better writing were practical and sensible.
His secret was simple: he spent time initially coaching every new employee in writing. This simply took the form of writing a report on the first project together.
He traveled there frequently, had innumerable conversations and kept writing. I do not know of anybody who has learned these countries as well as he has."
After her divorce in the 1980s Goldberg spent years figuring out how to write a book about writing. To finish Writing Down the Bones she sat at her typewriter for seven weeks straight.
Any time there is more than one person responsible for a program, there is a need to have in writing at least basic understandings regarding how he program will function if quality of service is to be maintained.
This article examined the connection between the use of process writing and the increase of self esteem in students with learning disabilities.
"Using tools for inner growth, such as meditation, journal writing, and life review, elders come to terms with their mortality, harvest the wisdom of their years, and transmit a legacy to future generations." (1)
The law requires that a lease for more than one year must be in writing for it to be enforceable.
The roots of many of these manuals lie in laws passed in the 1950's, when police officer standards and training commissions decreed that police operations should be detailed in writing. The directives often include a title, number, effective date, policy statement, purpose statement, and procedures.