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writhe under something

1. . Lit. to squirm with pain from being beaten with something. The sailor writhed under the sting of the lash. The child writhed under the pain of his spanking.
2. . Fig. to suffer under a mental burden. I writhed under her constant verbal assault and finally left the room. Why do I have to writhe under her insults?
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writhe with something

1. . and writhe in something [for someone or an animal] to squirm because of something, such as pain. Carl writhed with pain and began to cry. He was writhing in pain when the paramedics arrived.
2. . [for something] to support or contain something that is writhing. The pit was writhing with snakes and other horrid things. The floor of the basement was writhing in spiders and crawly things.
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References in classic literature ?
As the writhing body of the black soared, as though by unearthly power, into the dense foliage of the forest, D'Arnot felt an icy shiver run along his spine, as though death had risen from a dark grave and laid a cold and clammy finger on his flesh.
The Sheep, writhing with pain, said, "Why do you hurt me so, Mistress?
And he seized hold of the creeping-plants, and the roots of trees--climbed up the moist stones where the water-snakes were writhing and the toads were croaking--and he gained the summit before the sun had quite gone down.
But sure enough there are those to whom virtue meaneth writhing under the lash: and ye have hearkened too much unto their crying!
Still the Cathedral Tower rises in the background, where it cannot be, and still no writhing figure is on the grim spike.
36pm the inmate started writhing and tried to speak.
Three minutes later, he began breathing heavily, writhing, clenching his teeth and straining to lift his head.
Summary: Beyonce has released footage from her world tour, including her writhing on a piano and swinging on a trapeze.
The group love-in scene was interspersed with shots of the star writhing around on a bed alone, showing off her incredible figure in just a set of skimpy cream underwear and a shaggy fur gilet.
He was rolling and writhing around all over the place.
Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus, 18, caused a storm by writhing on a pole in sexuallycharged performances for her Can't Be Tamed tour.
I wound up sprawled on my back, and the cyclist, also downed, was writhing in pain.
Researchers can now explain how a male bee looking for love out in the desert can be misguided enough to embrace a writhing clump of beetle larvae instead of a female bee.
The ushers, though, seemed more interested in the writhing dancers.
They're sort of like 19th-century S/M illustrations, full of beautiful naked bodies writhing and suffering," he says gleefully, "and it's very obvious the artist had a fun time drawing them.