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writhe under something

1. . Lit. to squirm with pain from being beaten with something. The sailor writhed under the sting of the lash. The child writhed under the pain of his spanking.
2. . Fig. to suffer under a mental burden. I writhed under her constant verbal assault and finally left the room. Why do I have to writhe under her insults?
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writhe with something

1. . and writhe in something [for someone or an animal] to squirm because of something, such as pain. Carl writhed with pain and began to cry. He was writhing in pain when the paramedics arrived.
2. . [for something] to support or contain something that is writhing. The pit was writhing with snakes and other horrid things. The floor of the basement was writhing in spiders and crawly things.
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rubiginosa extract produced a reduction in the number of writhes at all three doses used, but the most significant effect was obtained at the dose of 200 mg/kg body wt.
Atherton, the youngest artist in the show (and the only female), brought together Gothic sensibilities, heavy-metal/sci-fi fantasy, and highschool diorama in a piece constructed inside an old glass cabinet: In a frozen wilderness, a buxom nude woman writhes at the end of a chain binding her to a tree stump, while a hawk, actually made from turkey feathers, perches ominously on the cabinet.
A similar linking of anguish and desire occupies the next lines, as the body is no longer simply trod upon by desire but writhes in response:
23, 2000) reports, was "stuck between a woman who writhes seductively in front of burning crosses and grabs herself in embarrassing places and a man whose most famous [pornographic] Web site offers access .
In one shocking scene, she writhes in ecstasy as she simulates sex.
Tattoo is, in fact, so inventive that at times it runs close to being dominated by the visual displays: a lubricant goo that dancer Carla Barragan paints on the stage becomes a slick rink on which she writhes and slides; a sand curtain is virtually mesmerizing.
A brittle tree for sanctuary The withered woman moans, Her body writhes uncomfortably To skirt the scorching stones.
The Herbie Fully Loaded star writhes seductively around a pole - as she films new thriller I Know Who Killed Me, in which she is a stripper.
It is the symbol (actually look-out) of the local natural history museum, which writhes snake-like through a clearing in the woods, its plan responding to a pattern of existing paths.
Britney stars as a leatherclad dominatrix as Madonna writhes around on the floor of a room resembling a pig pen.
The Dodgers' Kazuhisa Ishii writhes in pain after being hit in the forehead by a line drive in Sunday's game.
Miller suspends herself, twitches, and writhes, all with a smile, but to what end?