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He saw himself, stripped to the waist, with naked fists, fighting his great fight with Liverpool Red in the forecastle of the Susquehanna; and he saw the bloody deck of the John Rogers, that gray morning of attempted mutiny, the mate kicking in death-throes on the main-hatch, the revolver in the old man's hand spitting fire and smoke, the men with passion- wrenched faces, of brutes screaming vile blasphemies and falling about him - and then he returned to the central scene, calm and clean in the steadfast light, where Ruth sat and talked with him amid books and paintings; and he saw the grand piano upon which she would later play to him; and he heard the echoes of his own selected and correct words, "But then, may I not be peculiarly constituted to write?"
"And don't forget that I feel in me this capacity to write - I can't explain it; I just know that it is in me."
Grace, a student who took remedial English prior to my English 1101, writes "you have helped me explore my writing ability and shown me not to be scared." Students who fear failure, or who fear their own inadequacy as writers, are often less inclined to take exploratory risks.
* Knowing What Children Need to Learn--Schmidt writes, "...
This process is called "copy on write." Subsequent writes to the original data are not copied to the snapshot reserve area because the original data has already been moved.
Kerstin Sundberg writes somewhat vaguely on peasant writing in a specific Swedish region in the seventeenth century, stating that it is not possible to "draw conclusions from a few examples of a general point of view" (23), but doing it all the same and concluding somewhat insipidly that "the written word seems to have been important" (29).
Pelikan is a Lutheran, but he writes out of the whole Christian tradition.
Walton writes to edify as well as please; above all, he writes as a committed Anglican.
The fraud examiner presumes from the outset that many in the legal community will scrutinize whatever he or she writes. Thus, CPAs need to understand there is no such thing as a "confidential" investigative report, no matter how it is titled.
Writes Berthoff: "If we steadily confront the evidence that our students are impaired in close observation, in the patient examination of what is in front of them, whether it is a poem or a frog's leg, then the rational response will be despair."47 As does Havelock, Berthoff understands how, in the habit of "close observation" fostered by practice in written language, a connection exists between poetry and science.
Pennebaker writes in his landmark study of journaling and illness, Opening Up: The Healing Power of Expressing Emotions.
As we know, dancing can be quite ephemeral despite our videos and notations, and sometimes the only record left behind of a particular performance or performer is what the dance critic writes. This historical function is complemented by the critical function, which is far more demanding and difficult.
Anyone who writes sooner or later comes to appreciate Mark Twain's apology for writing a long letter because he didn't have time to write a short one.
"They watch themselves watching themselves watching themselves watching themselves, in a kind of eternal iteration," he writes. "Of course, television itself does not tell you that this is what is happening.
Martin writes: "The appearance of a new communication technique hardly ever eliminates the ones that preceded it.