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Grace, a student who took remedial English prior to my English 1101, writes "you have helped me explore my writing ability and shown me not to be scared.
Subsequent writes to the original data are not copied to the snapshot reserve area because the original data has already been moved.
Kerstin Sundberg writes somewhat vaguely on peasant writing in a specific Swedish region in the seventeenth century, stating that it is not possible to "draw conclusions from a few examples of a general point of view" (23), but doing it all the same and concluding somewhat insipidly that "the written word seems to have been important" (29).
When Ishmael Reed says he doesn't hear any music when he writes, I say, Oh yeah, I can understand that because that just tells me that you think you write purely from the top of your head.
Writes Berthoff: "If we steadily confront the evidence that our students are impaired in close observation, in the patient examination of what is in front of them, whether it is a poem or a frog's leg, then the rational response will be despair.
Pennebaker writes in his landmark study of journaling and illness, Opening Up: The Healing Power of Expressing Emotions.
Anyone who writes sooner or later comes to appreciate Mark Twain's apology for writing a long letter because he didn't have time to write a short one.
The reason, Martin writes, is that "the model of the book was so strong that the intention of both the editors and readers of such periodicals that they would be gathered together and bound as permanent volumes.
Stoically going thorough the ordeal, Koyano now writes in his journal his most intimate thoughts about the experience.
At first Jesus says nothing;; all the people in the crowd can hear is scratching -- a scratching in the gritty tan soil as Jesus writes with his finger on the ground.
Since it was clear to me that many of my students didn't think they had much cause to celebrate themselves," he writes, "I thought that I had at last discovered what writing could give them that they really needed.
And Gary Indiana, well I'd read a can label or street directions by him because he writes right.
Literacy is not some kind of independent force acting on passive recipients," Halverson writes in the June 1992 MAN.
Chubb Group of Insurance Companies: Chubb is a major international insurer that writes California workers' comp for businesses where it writes other lines on the account.
In other words, they are not saying that the more one reads, the better one writes but rather, that good writers have done a minimum amount of reading that has allowed them to acquire the code of written language.