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When you grow older, have a little more experience,--in fact, when you have something to say, I think you may write very good verses.
Certainly you may; it will only help you to write better prose.
A letter from Rebecca Randall to her sister Hannah at Sunnybrook Farm, or to her aunt Jane at the brick house, Riverboro, is so dull and stupid, if it is a real letter; but if I could make believe I was a different girl altogether, and write to somebody who would be sure to understand everything I said, I could make it nicer.
Miss Woodhouse, what a pity that I must not write this beautiful charade into my book
Leave out the two last lines, and there is no reason why you should not write it into your book.
Give me the book, I will write it down, and then there can be no possible reflection on you.
We admired it so much, that I have ventured to write it into Miss Smith's collection.
If Adrian Singleton writes his friend's name across a bill, am I his keeper?
I feel that I must write to you to-day, when I am going to Perros, in fulfilment of a sacred duty.
You can see for yourself how the old man, who had spent all of his life writing and was filled with words, would write hundreds of pages concerning this matter.
There was a chest of drawers with an escritoire top, for Uriah to read or write at of an evening; there was Uriah's blue bag lying down and vomiting papers; there was a company of Uriah's books commanded by Mr.
By this logic, Invisible Man becomes the stable identity behind the writing of his story: He sits in his chamber, reflects on his life experiences, and writes his biography, the meaning of which is guaranteed by the referential stability and coherence of instrumentalized writing.
With write-through caching, sometimes referred to as conservative cache mode, writes are written to both the cache and the disk before the write is acknowledged as complete.
Miller writes about a father who opens his son's bedroom door to find him hanging from the rafters).
According to the classifications with which I'm familiar, Butler writes science fiction, not fantasy.