write (one's) (own) ticket

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write (one's) (own) ticket

To have the means, ability, or empowerment to decide one's own terms or course of action. Students who specialize in computer programming have been able to write their tickets in the economy for the last several years, as demand has continued to outpace supply for skilled employees in this field. The movie star began writing her own tickets after she exploded in popularity in the early 2000s.
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write one's own ticket

Set one's own conditions or course of action according to one's wishes or needs. For example, This generous grant lets recipients write their own tickets. This term uses ticket in the sense of "something entitling the holder to a privilege." [Colloquial; 1920s]
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write your (own) ticket

dictate your own terms. North American informal
See also: ticket, write

write (one's) own ticket

To set one's own terms or course of action entirely according to one's own needs or wishes: an open-ended and generous scholarship that lets recipients write their own ticket.
See also: own, ticket, write
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You can write your own ticket as far as gaining backing for business ideas is concerned.
When you get into jobs like that, you can write your own ticket."
"An actor has to take what's going these days, unless you are really at the top and can write your own ticket," he reasons, during a rare break from filming.
"You could write your own ticket. There were parties being thrown for law school students a couple of times a week."
If you're an engineer you can kind of write your own ticket, go to any location, do any type of job and work for just about any type of company that you want to.
"If you have the skills in demand--particularly in accounting, finance and information technology--you can often write your own ticket," she says.