write to

write to (someone or something)

1. To send some written correspondence, such as a letter or email, to someone or some organization. A noun or pronoun can be used between "write" and "to" to specify the kind of written correspondence. She wrote a strongly worded letter to the airline to complain about the long delays on her flight. I'll have to write to your parents to let them know what happened.
2. To write something that acts as a part of or supplement to a different or larger piece of writing. A noun or pronoun is used between "write" and "to." My editor asked me to write an appendix to my latest book to help explain some of the more complicated historical details. She is currently writing a companion piece to her bestselling novel.
3. To send someone a written correspondence in order to communicate something specific. A noun or pronoun can be used between "write" and "to." I'm writing you to explain my absence from the meeting yesterday. The bank wrote to tell me that my account had had some suspicious activity recently.
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write something to someone

1. to send specific information to someone in writing. I wrote the facts to John, and he thanked me for the information. They wrote all the details to me, and I filed them.
2. to compose a letter or e-mail and send it to someone. Sam wrote a letter to his father. Did you write that memo to Mark yet?
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write something to something

to write something that is supplementary to something else. Molly wrote an epilogue to her story covering the time up till now. I will write the introduction to the book this afternoon.
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write to someone

to compose a letter or e-mail and send it to someone. I will write to her again, but I don't expect to hear anything. Please write to me as soon as you can.
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References in classic literature ?
Besides, there had not been any news value in his article, and most likely the editor would write to him about it first.
You write that you are ill, but Monsieur Bwikov will not let me leave the house today; so that I can only write to you.
In the last chapter subsection titled 'The Secret Order of Hermeneutics and the Text of the World' he openly advocates his major agenda: "We write to understand.
Students can plan writing tasks, write to numerous grade level-appropriate prompts, receive immediate feedback on their writing, engage in peer reviews, and revise their writing as appropriate.
Some backup software products keep attempting to write to a filesystem, even after it's full.
Therefore, a large database will constantly read from and write to the entire disk array.
Teachers explored the connection between good literature and how real authors write to help students see how each dovetails with the other.
Early on, in 1937, Ellison would write to his friend, "You must write and tell me of the magazine and if possible I should like for you to send me copies.
Walter Mosley likened his need to write to a natural need for sex.
Follow the golden rule of writing: Write to others as you would like others to write to you.
I write to create a work of art that exists on its own terms and is true to itself.
Maybe that's why he decides to write to Paul after all that time.