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write on (someone or something)

1. Literally, to write words on some surface or material, as with ink or some other substance. A noun or pronoun can be used between "write" and "on." I told the tattoo artist to write "I Luv Trucks" on my chest. Tommy, please don't write on the walls!
2. To place a piece of flimsy material, such as paper, on top of some hard, flat surface in order to write upon it. With nothing else around, I had to sit down and write on the ground while I filled out the application. A: "Shoot, I forgot to bring a clipboard!" B: "Here, you can write on this textbook."
3. To create a narrative about or a detailed description of someone or something in a piece of writing. She frequently writes on the imminent dangers of climate change. My editor asked me to write on a local politician for my next article.
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write (up)on someone or something

1. . to write about someone or something. (Upon is very formal here and much less commonly used than on.) I had to write an essay, so I wrote on my uncle. What are you going to write upon?
2. . to write on someone's skin or some thing. (Upon is formal and much less commonly used than on.) Don't write on Billy. After all, he's your brother. Who wrote on this page of the book?
3. . to use someone [such as some one's back] or something as a flat base to support something that is being written upon. I have to sign this check. Here, let me write on you. Do you mind if I write on your desk? I just need to sign this. 771 writer's block
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