write for

write someone for something

to send a written request to someone for something. Henry wrote Harry for a firm quote, but Harry never responded. Did you write me for permission?
See also: write

write for something

1. . to write and request something. I wrote for clarification but received none. Julie wrote for another copy of the instruction book.
2. . to produce writing for a particular kind of publication. I write for science magazines. Sam writes for the local newspaper.
See also: write
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As she publishes novels from her home on the West Coast, she continues to write for The Miami Herald.
When he lost his work, he didn't write for a long time.
I began by asking students to frequently write for authentic purposes and to write over extended periods of time.
Findings indicate that students writing first drafts in strategic writing situations may improve their time on task by being given instructions to write for a set amount of time rather that to set a length parameter for writing assignments.
Baraka: I used to write for them all the time, but that was always give or take.
Rather than examining why online writing is so undisciplined, O'Conner and Kellerman seem determined to impose good writing habits on those who write for the web, and, particularly, on email users.
But since I don't teach anywhere, or write for a newspaper or scholarly journal, I can say what I want, so I don't have much use for subcategories and labels.
In other words, you must write for the medium you're using.
Video and other visuals require you to write for the ear, but remember to let your pictures and other media help tell the story, in concert with the script.
As we shall see, economics as well as politics and autobiographical impulses motivated Bontemps to write for juvenile readers.
Carolyn Taylor provides another dimension to Bontemps's decision to write for children: ".
For those of us who write for a living, problems like the following are as common as the common cold, and just as annoying.
Maybe it's just something that I had been wanting to write for a long time.