write back to

write back to (someone or something)

To respond to some person, group, or organization in writing, especially in a letter or email. A noun or pronoun can be used between "write" and "back" to specify the kind of correspondence that is being written. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write back to you, but work has been incredibly busy lately. I've been meaning to write an email back to them all week. It just keeps slipping my mind.
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write something back to someone

to write a letter answering someone. I wrote an answer back to her the same day that I received the letter. Will you please write something back to Julie? She complains that you are ignoring her. I wrote a letter back to Harry, explaining what had happened.
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write back to someone

to write a letter to someone in return for a letter received from someone. I wrote back to her at once, but I have heard no more from her. Please write back to me when you have a chance.
See also: back, to, write
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References in classic literature ?
Says I, if it could stay where it is, all right; because when we get down the river a hundred mile or two I could write back to Mary Jane, and she could dig him up again and get it; but that ain't the thing that's going to happen; the thing that's going to happen is, the money 'll be found when they come to screw on the lid.
We will share your thoughts in a future issue of Fun For Kidz and also write back to you!
Derived from this and equally significant is the standpoint that, contrary to the entrenched view in the study of African literature, owing to the influence of postcolonial theory, African literature's main preoccupation has been to "write back" to the empire so as to subvert Western discourses and aesthetic practices, this literature has an agenda entirely its own, i.e., to write back to itself, to draw attention to it is literariness as it strives to address the problematic issues of its local environment.
If you find this letter, please write back to me, and I will write back to you," the letter said.
As it turned out, the bottle had been sent by two schoolboys aged 11 and 9 in Reykjavik, and Sue planned to write back to them to tell them she had got their message.
Young Echo readers were encouraged to write back to Cameron and they have responded with a flood of replies.
Where synchronous replication waits for a response from the remote system before acknowledging the write back to the application, asynchronous replication acknowledges write back to the application immediately and then transmits the data to the remote site.
Students write back to teachers; tutors write back to curriculum; scholars write back to institutions; composition courses built on critical pedagogy write back to hegemonic society; and so on.
Ryan, from Stockport, Greater Manchester who went on holiday to New York last year, said: "I'm pleased Mr Bush took the time to write back to me."
"In that case, they write back to the support group and let them know, and the support group raises more money to send over.
I feel absolutely marvellous." She added:"Even when he didn't write back to me, I vowed he would always be my teddy bear.