write away for

write away

1. To send a typed or handwritten request by mail. Typically followed by "for something" or "to someone or something." We'll have to write away for the component we need, as there's only one manufacturer in the region and he doesn't have a phone or email address. Once I had enough barcodes from the back of the cereal box, I had to write away to the company in order to claim my prize.
2. To write a large amount very quickly or continuously. I want to get my thesis done soon, so I've been writing away for the last three weeks. I just want to put my headphones on and write away by myself—I can't abide all these distractions!
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write away for something

to send for something in writing, from a distant place. I wrote away for a book on the rivers of the world. You will have to write away for another copy of the instruction manual.
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There isn't a straight line among all these that never meet; I will write away for it.
/ There isn't a straight line amidst all these that never meet; // I will write away for it.
"I used to write away for those metal badges and I was so thrilled when the firms sent them to me, it gave me a warm glow.
The 1998 Silver Award-winning CIBC Small Business Edge certainly fits this formula: a profusion of colors (this is one to write away for) that complement rather than distract from the content; short articles with no jumps, plus lots of news briefs and tips; and strong headlines that immediately pull the reader into the articles.
Advocate and AIDS activist Derek Ogg said: "The only people likely to write away for such a book are people who are worried sick.