write against

write something against someone or something

to write something in opposition to someone or something. I wrote an article against her proposal, but they refused to print it. Sarah wrote an essay against the president.
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write against someone or something

to oppose someone or something in writing. John writes against the current administration too harshly. Almost everyone enjoys writing against the CIA.
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References in classic literature ?
If your son write satires reflecting on the honour of others, chide and correct him, and tear them up; but if he compose discourses in which he rebukes vice in general, in the style of Horace, and with elegance like his, commend him; for it is legitimate for a poet to write against envy and lash the envious in his verse, and the other vices too, provided he does not single out individuals; there are, however, poets who, for the sake of saying something spiteful, would run the risk of being banished to the coast of Pontus.
I have but one more thing to add in connection with this subject--those things which I have stated as facts will remain facts, in spite of whatever the bigoted or incredulous may say or write against them.
There are people in media who want to write against Modi, but it is the time of 'dictatorship', so they are suppressed and meek under his rule," he said.
The author notes that even though they are intellectual workers, whose work is commodified and sold, they write against the system of commodification of knowledge.
If, like me, you believe this proposal shows a complete lack of respect for the war dead, write against this proposal to: The Licensing Authority, Newcastle City Council, Public Safety and Regulation, Civic Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8QU by July 21, 2016.
Speaking on television evangelist Apollo Quiboloy's late night program on May 9, Duterte implied that some journalists had been paid to write against him.
Therefore, our poets have to write against terrorism and terrorists and for the unity of our nation and to inculcate in them the spirit of humanity, brotherhood and fraternity.
Shah said:"It is very important to write on any issue, and journalists of Karachi are not less than anyone to write against the government or any other issue.
He now advises his family to enter ballot boxes and write against every politician's name on the list.
What do you ask God to do to readers who don't support your views and write against you?
749), who, living within Muslim domains, had the freedom to write against the heresies of Byzantine iconoclasm, which at the time was the official policy of the patriarchate in Constantinople, also apparently had the freedom to write against Islam.
Consequently I do not wish that the Honorable Council forbid the writing against me by others and the criticism of my works, but rather I ask that I be permitted to defend and justify myself freely, with just as much right as my enemies write against me.
In South Africa, Miriam Tlali, Lauretta Ngcobo and Ellen Kuzwayo, among others, continued to write against the mounting tide of despair during the Apartheid era.
he quipped, implying that some journalists may have been paid to write against him.