write about

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write someone or something about something

to send an inquiry or statement to someone in writing about someone or something. I will write her about what you just told me. Sarah wrote the company about the faulty merchandise.
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write about someone or something

to write a narrative or description of someone or something. I wanted to write about wild canaries, but there is not much to say. Sally writes about famous people.
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When you write about a subject that you have read much about, sometimes you leave out information that is so familiar to you that you think everyone must already know it, but the reader new to the topic needs it.
Now I have to admit that this may be a particularly personal feeling, but I can't help but write about it.
Each group was given the following instructions: (a) generate your own moral for purposes of writing an original fable, (b) use the fable to teach this moral, and (c) write about ways in which your fable added to or changed your understanding of morals and the process of writing.
One thing that immediately bothered me, and that no advice could have prepared me for, was the fact that I almost always had to write about "the new," which, at the time, practically every artist in New York was desperate to establish him- or herself as.
If you momentarily hate your boss, it's good to write about it.
Almost the same number of good and poor writers (15 and 12 respectively) report trying to come up with new ideas at the point where they got stuck for things to write about.
He says that access of black writers to the mainstream has only really happened in this century, and there is still a barrier there: "Excellence" in the work of black writers is judged by how well we write about "being black in a white world," which is obviously only one part of our lived experience.