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We have lots in our heads that makes it hard to think straight and write clearly: We are mad at someone, sad about something, depressed about everything.
And if I had to write a good letter every time I wanted to respond to a message or connect with a friend, I wouldn't have time for anything else.
She writes "that group discussions in our class can lead to brilliant topic (sic) to write about.
I write because it would be irresponsible if I didn't.
ADR2 technology's superior error rates are a result of its ability to read and write all eight tracks at once, which makes it possible to distribute error correction code spatially, that is, both horizontally and vertically across eight tracks.
As you write nonstop, draw a straight line down the left margin of any important writing.
It was different with dreaming: at first there was a great deal of resistance, but by the time I finished My Mother: Demonology I was waking up five times a night so I could write down my dreams.
Some argue that teachers should not ask students to write on topics with which they are not familiar.
Similar to debates about bilingual education, some experts say deaf students should be spending the time they have at school learning to write and read English.
I write in the Christian fiction genre" Gray boldly proclaims.
Benston shows that there is never a Self transcendent from its unnaming, and one can never act and/or write outside of one's history.
If you want to permanently write data to a disc, DVD-R is available today and DVD+R (plus R) is planned for introduction.
My sons encouraged me to write the family history and my life story,'' said J.
In other words, you must write for the medium you're using.
It was, to quote Malcolm Cowley, from "the homeland of the uprooted, where everyone you met came from another town and tried to forget it, where nobody seemed to have parents, or a past more distant than last night's swell party, or a future beyond the swell party this evening and the disillusioned book he would write tomorrow.