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Our society doesn't reward writing financially unless you write commercially lucrative books.
If Old Glory is a good name for our flag, write L in space 16.
If I require my pedagogy students to write lesson plans, those plans usually become laundry lists of the pieces to be covered, with no indication of Plans B, C and D, if the student does not "get it" the first time.
The end was not nice to write, because I did feel that I was putting her somewhere unreasonably unpleasant--I mean, necessary, but that was probably not very nice to do.
One drawback is that the remote data is not necessarily useable because writes may occur out of order (many databases need to have the writes occur in order).
My heart and mind really had not settled here, which is why I forced myself to write a book set here.
Don't write simply to be published, but to be read.
24: Workshop: Treating complicated couples with Marty Klein; Toronto, Leading Edge Seminars, 416-964-1133 or write us at
It was a happy day for me when I stopped writing fiction and realized that a book of history is the kind of book I'm called to write. Instead of imitating Flannery O'Connor and trying to write fiction that wasn't coming out very well, I tried to do something different and write a book unlike any that those four had written.
The fire not only obliterated all copies of her manuscript and her computers, but she also lost her home, her community, and her desire to write fiction.
Jim got chewed up on the witness stand more than once for what he wrote and what he didn't write. In one instance he didn't write up his report at all until it became clear that the case was headed for court.
He concluded that those who wrote about their experiences recovered emotionally more quickly and found new jobs more quickly than those who did not write. Writing about emotional topics in general was found by Pennebaker to result in "an increase in germ-fighting lymphocytes" and a decrease in anxiety, stress levels, and depression.
Powell imagines the adapter as patiently asking the informant how one would write this or that Greek word, beginning with the names of persons and places.
Instead of "John has neglected to get his car inspected," write, "John has not had his car inspected," or "John needs to have his car inspected."