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(one's) writ runs

One has authority, control, or dominance (in or over something). The minister's writ still runs in this part of the country, so he has been seen as the political spokesperson for this issue. The government is struggling to ensure its writ runs in the destabilized region.
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drop the writ

Of prime minister, to issue a request to the head of state to dissolve parliament and (generally) call for new elections. A corruption of the proper term "draw up the writ," it has now passed into common vernacular. Primarily heard in Canada. With members of parliament in open opposition to one another, the prime minister is expected to drop the writ as early as Saturday.
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writ large

Apparent in a more noticeable or obvious way or to a greater extent. The new blockbuster is really just a simple old story writ large. Come election season, we see all our national concerns writ large.
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writ large

Signified, expressed, or embodied with greater magnitude, as in That book on Lincoln is simply an article writ large. [Mid-1600s]
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writ large

clear and obvious.
The literal sense of written in large characters has long fallen out of use. As the past participle of write , writ has been superseded by written except in this phrase and analogous phrases such as writ small .
1994 Time Voters fear the future, which looks to them like the present writ large: more concern about crime, more economic pressure on their families, more of that unnerving sound of something eating away at the edges of their lives.
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your writ runs

you have authority of a specified extent or kind.
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ˌwrit ˈlarge

1 easy to see or understand: Mistrust was writ large on her face.
2 (used after a noun) being a larger or more obvious example of the thing mentioned: The party’s new philosophies are little more than their old beliefs writ large.
Writ in this idiom means written.
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writ large

Signified, expressed, or embodied in a greater or more prominent magnitude or degree: "The man was no more than the boy writ large" (George Eliot).
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If writs of garnishment are not handled properly, there are costly consequences.
Writ in Water was commissioned as part of the National Trust's contemporary art programme, Trust New Art.
Contemporary artist Mark Wallinger with 'Writ in Water', new public artwork unveiled at Runnymede
Saud was born on June 27, 2012, and at 13 days a health visitor measured his head at 35.2cm circumference, which was within normal parameters, the writ says.
supervisory jurisdiction--a writ. The path of review generally depends
In addition to enhancing the features of its Pelecoin technology, WRIT Media Group is investing in client acquisition across all businesses and geographies that will benefit from its Pelecoin platform, including large, established organizations as well as emerging growth companies.
Despite the provisions in the law protecting the residence of the judgement debtor and his family, the court may issue the writ of sale provided there will be an adequate amount left for the debtor to buy another residence to accommodate his family.
The acquisition marks WRIT Media's first investment in, and entrance into, digital currency technologies.
A letter which was sent to election commission by Deputy Commissioner Mardan, who was acting as District Returning Officer during elections, was also referred in the writ petition.
Extraordinary relief from a trial judge's decision in the nature of a writ is a tool in the practitioner's tool box, but it is just a tool.
"The writ is saying the judge doesn't have the authority to move forward on the indictment, while the motion to dismiss is acknowledging that the court has the authority to act on indictment but it ought to be dismissed as a matter of law."
The writ, seen by the Birmingham Mail, accuses the disgraced chairman of harassment, intimidation and even trespassing on the Bordesley Green school site after he was sacked from the post.
This Note analyzes that question, identifying the competing interests at stake and ultimately suggesting that upholding the IAD over the writ ad prosequendum would better preserve principles of federalism without eroding the federal government's prosecutorial prerogatives.
Korkoya has mandated the Commission's Clerk of Election Writs to conduct the District #15 Representative and Senatorial By-elections in Montserrado County.
e Returning Ocer for Parliamentary Elections, the Mayor of South Tyneside and the Acting Returning Ocer have received the ocial writs from the Queen commanding the holding of elections next month.