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drop the writ

Of prime minister, to issue a request to the head of state to dissolve parliament and (generally) call for new elections. A corruption of the proper term "draw up the writ," it has now passed into common vernacular. Primarily heard in Canada. With members of parliament in open opposition to one another, the prime minister is expected to drop the writ as early as Saturday.
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writ large

Apparent in a more noticeable or obvious way or to a greater extent. The new blockbuster is really just a simple old story writ large. Come election season, we see all our national concerns writ large.
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writ large

Signified, expressed, or embodied with greater magnitude, as in That book on Lincoln is simply an article writ large. [Mid-1600s]
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writ large

clear and obvious.
The literal sense of written in large characters has long fallen out of use. As the past participle of write , writ has been superseded by written except in this phrase and analogous phrases such as writ small .
1994 Time Voters fear the future, which looks to them like the present writ large: more concern about crime, more economic pressure on their families, more of that unnerving sound of something eating away at the edges of their lives.
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your writ runs

you have authority of a specified extent or kind.
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ˌwrit ˈlarge

1 easy to see or understand: Mistrust was writ large on her face.
2 (used after a noun) being a larger or more obvious example of the thing mentioned: The party’s new philosophies are little more than their old beliefs writ large.
Writ in this idiom means written.
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writ large

Signified, expressed, or embodied in a greater or more prominent magnitude or degree: "The man was no more than the boy writ large" (George Eliot).
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22) In Denedo, the accused sought an extraordinary writ at the Navy-Marine Court of Criminal Appeals, alleging ineffective assistance of counsel more than five years after his case was finalized.
If players use this Writ, it will increase the levels of the trainers in the Battle Chateau and all their Pokemon by 10.
1998) (en banc), the circuit noted "that the writ of mandamus may issue to correct a clear abuse of discretion or the failure to carry out a ministerial task.
Frazer said four other writs are to be served in the near future.
The writ claims ICI negligently failed to warn him of the dangers of asbestos, failed to damp down asbestos, failed to have a safe system of work and failed to provide him with protective equipment.
Article III of the Constitution allows the Supreme Court to issue writs, Marshall said, but only in special cases involving "ambassadors and foreign consuls.
Three of the suspects were given their writs in Ireland's Portlaoise Prison, two more were delivered to homes in the border town of Dundalk, Co Louth.
Lawyer Jason McHugh was later on his way to Portlaoise Prison more than 100 miles south to serve writs on three more men who are being held there on unconnected matters.
The practitioner should be aware of two initial considerations before filing a petition for writ of certiorari.
Writs signed by the Queen have been delivered to returning officers in the constituencies to officially enable them to run the election on May 5.
The presentation will provide an overview of WRIT and will be held at the Harvard Club in New York City.
The writ serving began early in the morning with a cloak-anddagger operation in the republican town of Dundalk.
The City Council voted 5-0 on Tuesday to direct City Attorney Mark Sellers to file an extraordinary writ with the state appellate court, asking it to review a portion of a pending case.
Washington Real Estate Investment Trust (WRIT) (NYSE: WRE) announces that George "Skip" McKenzie, President & Chief Executive Officer of WRIT, will present at REITWeek: NAREIT's Investor Forum in New York City.
Florida courts have identified the district court's continuing common law authority to issue an original writ to an administrative agency, which falls within the definition of lower tribunal under Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.