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slap on the wrist

A mild punishment or warning. Bill hasn't been late to school that many times, so just give him a slap on the wrist for his tardiness. Most people are outraged that the corporation only received a slap on the wrist after breaking so many regulations.
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1. Weak; lacking force or conviction. Use with caution due to meaning 2. Many have criticized the president's limp-wristed response to the attack, calling for him to authorize a full-fledged military strike.
2. offensive Weak and effeminate; lacking qualities typically associated with masculinity. Used in a derogatory way to imply that a man is homosexual. He was at first dismissed out of hand by many as just a limp-wristed fop, but he proved himself to be one of the toughest litigators in the country.

*slap on the wrist

1. Lit. a hit on the wrist as a mild punishment for putting one's hands where they shouldn't be or taking something. (*Typically: get ~; give someone ~.) When Billy tried to grab another cookie, he got a slap on the wrist.
2. Fig. to get a light punishment (for doing something wrong). (*Typically: get ~; give some-one ~.) He created quite a disturbance, but he only got a slap on the wrist from the judge. I thought I'd get a slap on the wrist for speeding, but I got fined $500.
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slap someone on the wrist

 and slap someone's wrist 
1. Lit. to strike someone's wrist with the open hand, as a punishment. Aunt Maude slapped Tony on the wrist when he grabbed a couple of her freshly baked cookies. Tony was slapped on the wrist when he tried to swipe some cookies.
2. Fig. to administer only the mildest of punishments to someone. The judge did nothing but slap the mugger on the wrist.
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slap on the wrist

A mild reproof, as in We were fined heavily, and all she got from the judge was a slap on the wrist. [Early 1900s]
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a slap on the wrist

A slap on the wrist is a small punishment or occasion when someone is told they have done something wrong. She was given a small fine — a slap on the wrist really. But other than a few slaps on the wrist, the General went unpunished.
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slap on the wrist

a mild reprimand or punishment.
1997 New Scientist Last week, in a Washington district court, [a judge] ordered software giant Microsoft to stop forcing PC-makers to install both Windows 95 and its Web browser, Internet Explorer. So far, though, it is just a slap on the wrist.
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a slap on the ˈwrist

(informal) a small punishment or warning: I got a slap on the wrist from my secretary today for leaving the office so untidy.
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kick in the wrist

n. a drink of liquor. You want another kick in the wrist?
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slap someone’s wrist

and slap someone on the wrist
tv. to administer a minor reprimand. The courts only slap them on the wrist and send them back out on the streets.
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slap someone on the wrist

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slap on the wrist

A nominal or token punishment.
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However, dexterity is limited by the lack of wristed instruments for the current platform.
At 3:44 of the middle period, with teammate Joe Nardella in the penalty box, Zack Byczko wristed a quick shot past Chase Thornton (33 saves in two periods) on a two-on-one break.
Hudson took a 1-0 lead on a power play just 25 seconds into the second period when Brun wristed a rebound of an O'Keefe shot past Helger (20 saves).
Brind'Amour, playing in his 13th season and 962nd NHL game, tied the game when he slipped past Anaheim's defense and forwards and wristed home a shot past Ducks goalie Jean-Sebastien Giguere with 1:01 left in the first period.
Buffalo made it 4-1 with 1:33 left when Toni Lydman wristed a shot high past a screened Thomas on a power play.
The Mighty Ducks pulled even at 2-2 when right wing Dan Bylsma wristed home a rebound in the slot with 16:29 left in the second.
Parked near the right post less than four minutes later, Blodgett wristed in a short shot after the puck bounced on his stick from the back boards.
P Morin wristed a soft shot through traffic, Curtis Huppe finished of a very rare four-on-one breakout and Ruff's first goal of the game was his 200th point.
But then there's DavidSuchet's toe-curlingly bad turn as the limp- wristed master criminal, who makes lusty sexual advances to Jerry whilst all the time denying that he is gay.
The Capitals tied it with 6:29 left in the second period when Calle Johansson wristed home a shot past Anaheim goalie Steve Shields.
Algonquin made it 2-0 on an unassisted goal by Justin Logan, who wristed it past Murray from just inside the red circle with 11:14 left in the third period.
Jeff Sebastien equalised again but at 46:12 Todd Kelman wristed a shot on goal and George Awada banged away at the rebound.
The Ducks led 1-0 with 16:36 left in the second period when Kariya wristed home a power-play goal.
With Worcester's Graham Mink and Springfield's Rick Berry in the penalty box and the teams skating four-on-four, Raduns collected the puck behind the Springfield net, skated in front, and wristed a shot that somehow trickled between the pads of Springfield goaltender Jeff Drouin-Deslauriers.