wring (one's) hands

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wring (one's) hands

To display one's worries about something but not act to address it. We must not just wring our hands about this famine. We must act to help those who are starving.
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wring your hands

show great distress.
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ˌwring your ˈhands

twist and rub your hands together because you are very worried, upset or anxious: He stood there, wringing his hands in despair.It’s no use just wringing our hands — we must do something. ▶ ˈhand-wringing noun: No amount of hand-wringing can change the situation.
See also: hand, wring
References in classic literature ?
For the rest, Lincolnshire life to Volumnia is a vast blank of overgrown house looking out upon trees, sighing, wringing their hands, bowing their heads, and casting their tears upon the window- panes in monotonous depressions.
Fretting about social media corrupting youth these days risks sounding like an earlier generation of parents wringing their hands over Elvis and the Beatles.
And the directors must be wringing their hands, and wondering what to do next with the tiger they have by the tail.
Needless to say who these investors will be Dodgy Dave's chums, wringing their hands with the thought of how much and how quickly they'll get their grubby little hands on it.
While everybody sits around wringing their hands about obesity, New York is acting," he said.
And the unions, who helped him get elected as leader in the first place, must be wringing their hands.
The army top brass were wringing their hands saying, "We can't have a marine in command of our troops, even if he is a general.
Frankly, there are an awful lot of people who said this could never happen who are now saying, wringing their hands and saying, 'Oh, why aren't you doing something?
SOCCER rivalry on the sidelines with pushy parents and sparring dads desperate for glory - that's The Cup for you, and I'm sure it rings true for most folks wringing their hands in the stands for their youngsters.
RISING sea levels and climate change have been predicted for decades so it is rather annoying to see politicians wringing their hands over the flooding, especially when they are usually pictured in London, which must be one of the most protected cities in the world since the construction of the Thames Flood Barrier.
So, too, sportswriters and fans around the globe spent much of the past summer wringing their hands and hearts over yet another load of professional sports' dirty laundry--expressing shock and dismay that one more crop of Herculean demigods has shown itself to have feet of clay--or mud.
So the little darlings, some as young as seven, wove their way in and out of the traffic while teachers were forced to look on, wringing their hands.
So the little darlings, some as young as seven, weaved their way in and out of the traffic while teachers were forced to look on, wringing their hands.
Was it not Delors who urged his fellow Europeans to stop wringing their hands over the challenge of globalization and to meet it head on?
And while many who follow automotive telematics are wringing their hands over the low percentage of customers who choose to pay for telematics once their free subscription has ended, Magney thinks the industry could eliminate subscription fees altogether and still construct a viable profit model for installing telematics: "Long term, the best opportunity in telematics for OEMs is cost avoidance.