wring (one's) hands

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wring (one's) hands

To display one's worries about something but not act to address it. We must not just wring our hands about this famine. We must act to help those who are starving.
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wring your hands

show great distress.
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ˌwring your ˈhands

twist and rub your hands together because you are very worried, upset or anxious: He stood there, wringing his hands in despair.It’s no use just wringing our hands — we must do something. ▶ ˈhand-wringing noun: No amount of hand-wringing can change the situation.
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References in classic literature ?
Sonia said this as though in despair, wringing her hands in excitement and distress.
Then she is wringing her hands, spitting blood, weeping, and all at once she will begin knocking her head against the wall, in despair.
"What's to be done, what's to be done?" repeated Sonia, weeping hysterically and wringing her hands.
'What's to be done now, what's to be done now!' cried Mistress Affery, wringing her hands in this last uneasy dream of all; 'when she's all alone by herself inside, and can no more come down to open it than the churchyard dead themselves!'
Who'll turn you in bed?" exclaimed Rebecca, walking the floor and wringing her hands distractedly.
At this moment that terrible door, which Pierre had watched so long and which had always opened so quietly, burst noisily open and banged against the wall, and the second of the three sisters rushed out wringing her hands.
Jones, who was never backward on any occasion to help the distressed, immediately ran down-stairs; when stepping into the dining-room, whence all the noise issued, he beheld the young gentleman of wisdom and vertu just before mentioned, pinned close to the wall by his footman, and a young woman standing by, wringing her hands, and crying out, "He will be murdered!
I wish I had a washin' ter do--the biggest washin' I ever see, I do, I do!" she wailed, wringing her hands helplessly.
'You would serve me best, lady,' replied the girl, wringing her hands, 'if you could take my life at once; for I have felt more grief to think of what I am, to-night, than I ever did before, and it would be something not to die in the hell in which I have lived.
Such a night!" she exclaimed, wringing her hands. "And there's the doctor talks about putting the poor gentleman to bed!
"The Lord only knows!" she cried, wringing her hands.
"A blessing, a blessing," she was chanting aloud, wringing her hands, but with joy, she knew it was with joy that she wrung her hands.
All is lost!" cried she, wringing her hands. "What is to be told to Ladybird?
'I need not entreat your sympathy,' he said, wringing her hand, 'for I know your nature.
There's no point Home Secretary Theresa May wringing her hands in frustration.