wring (one's) hands

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wring (one's) hands

To display one's worries about something but not act to address it. We must not just wring our hands about this famine. We must act to help those who are starving.
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wring your hands

show great distress.
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ˌwring your ˈhands

twist and rub your hands together because you are very worried, upset or anxious: He stood there, wringing his hands in despair.It’s no use just wringing our hands — we must do something. ▶ ˈhand-wringing noun: No amount of hand-wringing can change the situation.
See also: hand, wring
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come ways us are in We wring our hands, of course, but whenever our politicians come up with measures to dry us out - hiking prices, banning happy hours, booze-only queues at superstores, raising the minimum age to 21 - we are in uproar.
When it comes to the water cooler or dinner table conversation, we wring our hands and get frustrated.
We can all wring our hands and slam the Government and anyone else we can point a finger of blame to.
We know that simplistic proclamations about superior schools far away are incomplete at best, yet we continue to wring our hands about our inferiority.
We can wring our hands in despair and condemn the sickening act that no doubt left the people of Kensington who were faced with the gruesome sight on Monday morning reeling, and I strongly believe that the people who did this will end up in jail having committed some cruel act of child abuse, but I will never be able to understand how anyone could get their kicks from stringing up animals.
We're not going to stand on the sidelines and wring our hands and decry the violence in the music, the kind of simple equation that people on the religious or cultural right make about how rap causes violence,'' Adler insists.
The private sector is concerned about the state of public education, but we often wring our hands and wonder, `What can we do to fix the problems?
We are mad, sad; we wring our hands, but we don't often take action.
WE can only wring our hands - and hold our noses - over the stinky state of affairs in Granada Hills.
But he added: ``We're not going to wring our hands.