wring (one's) neck

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wring (one's) neck

To strangle someone. The phrase is used as a threat, but never refers to actually strangling someone. I'll wring your neck the next time you talk to me like that, you hear me? That's the second time this week he's eaten my lunch. I ought to wring his neck!
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wring someone's neck

If you say that you would like to wring someone's neck you mean that you are very angry with them. I'll wring his neck if I catch him! I could wring her neck the way I'm feeling at the moment. Note: To wring something means to twist it and squeeze it.
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ˌwring somebody’s ˈneck

(spoken, informal) used as an expression of anger or as a threat: If I find the person who did this, I’ll wring his neck!
If you wring a bird’s neck, you twist it in order to kill the bird.
See also: neck, wring
References in classic literature ?
Would not the first of them who saw me wring my neck like a snipe's?
These words make me suddenly and acutely aware of exactly how small the room is, and how slight the possibility that I would escape unharmed should this burly ex-boxer choose to wring my neck like he's wringing out his ball cap.
And I think he wanted to wring my neck at the moment," she added.
The women out there are going to either shower me with praise or want to wring my neck by the end of this article so, insert you're welcome/ I'm sorry right here.
Thankfully, America's heavyweight skipper wasn't in the mood to go and get anyone, although from his facial expression I got the feeling he wanted to wring my neck.