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On the issue of whose blocks wring best, both sides agree that the Cera Block and Croblox surfaces are not identical under the microscope.
Aides say Shelley is wrestling with the decision to resign or to defend himself and, in the process, wring a few more paychecks out of the public till.
Money from this account would come from the millions in efficiencies that earnest council members planned to wring from the bloated departments in City Hall.
Latin American companies face the same competitive pressures as the rest of the world to wring out more value from their existing systems and increase productivity, and that's where our technologies excel.
The media wring their collective hands over the Kenneth Lays, Bernie Ebbers and Martha Stewarts, who are implicitly positioned as typical corporate miscreants.
The philosophical split that you wring your hands over began when the liberal Democrats defeated Judge Robert Bork's nomination for the United States Supreme Court in 1987.
With GlobalRoute, Sockeye adds to RCN's advanced and diverse fiber network by providing the ability to proactively wring the best performance from every transit link.
We will exploit every competitive advantage and wring every possible benefit for our customers," he said.
GlobalRoute's ability to wring performance, business continuity and cost advantages for Digital West is a great proof point for how service providers can leverage GlobalRoute for competitive advantage.
She wrings her hands (like wringing out the wash) trying to mourn the stranger lying there, remote in his final traveling clothes, the skull beneath his skin rising to the surface as surely as the moon's white skull rises at the window, snuffing out innocent stars.
She wrings stories out of everyday situations, intentionally leaving the viewer uncertain about their actual relation to reality.
The Queen bends over a pheasant that had been shot and injured on her 20,000-acre Sandringham Estate in the name of sport - and wrings its neck.