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wriggle off the hook

To avoid having to do something, likened to a fish escaping from the hook of a fishing rod. My mom wanted me to help her clean out the garage this weekend, but I was able to wriggle off the hook, thanks to my away basketball game.
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get a wriggle on

To go faster. Those guys better get a wriggle on or we'll be moving boxes all day! I know we have to leave soon, so I'm getting a wriggle on!
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wriggle in(to something)

to wiggle and squeeze into something or some place. You will never be able to wriggle into that swimming suit. I can just wriggle in!
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wriggle out

 (of something)
1. . Lit. to wiggle and squeeze out of something or some place. She wriggled out of her tight skirt and changed into something more comfortable. The skirt was so tight, she had to wriggle out. She couldn't pull it off.
2. . Fig. to get out of having to do something; to evade a responsibility. Don't try to wriggle out of this. I won't let you wriggle out this time.
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wriggle out

1. To free oneself from something by turning or twisting the body with sinuous writhing motions: I tried to pick up the cat, but it wriggled out of my grasp and ran away.
2. To extricate oneself by sly or subtle means from some situation; worm one's way out of some situation: He always wriggles out of trouble by placing the blame on someone else.
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They grabbed the phone from him, but he wriggled free.
Then she unzipped her dress and wriggled out of it.
Philip Morris was sued as a co-conspirator, but wriggled out of the suit by denying knowledge that the particular vendor was selling cigarettes to kids.
Since the launch of the original game in 1995, the Worms brand has wriggled its way into over three million households worldwide.
It wriggled and struggled for almost four minutes, then finally managed to escape and ran off squealing, pursued by the heron.
Jade said: "My tortoise was very heavy and wriggled a lot, he liked me tickling him under his chin
Within seconds he had wriggled free and just legged it up my neighbour's tree," she said.
McGinley won the sixth with a snaking 20-footer that wriggled into the hole, then added the eighth as well to go four ahead.
When one wriggled over her head, she tolerantly rearranged her coils.
Jones' service was to the near corner of the goal box, where Victorine wriggled free of two defenders to finish the set piece.
Patrick Armand led the cast of twenty-one dancers as a show-off Neptune, King of the Sea, while Larissa Ponomarenko and Paul Thrussell added the sexy dimension of an Apache couple, and a phalanx of six men wriggled through a macho body display.
The middle-class bands said yes and wriggled out of it.
So he wriggled up the prize chute to get to the goodies.
The sea lamprey is native to the Atlantic coast but wriggled westward in the past 200 years as shipping channels opened.
Brandt did his best work in the fifth, when he wriggled out of bases loaded jam to preserve a 1-1 tie.