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Still, it is by no means so large or so distant as you imagined it, -- for the fact is that, as it wriggles its way up this thread, which some spider has wrought along the window-sash, I find it to be about the sixteenth of an inch in its extreme length, and also about the sixteenth of an inch distant from the pupil of my eye.
It is simply unacceptable that they now trying to wriggle out of commitment JOAN MCALPINE Haley said: "I indicated during the meeting that Atos would expect to make a profit over the lifetime of the PIP contract.
The school in question sent out a text this week with the following message: "Surface device for first years 2015: A reminder that the wriggle online shop closes on the 30th of June.
Instead, sidewinders minimize their risk of slipping by increasing the proportion of their body in contact with the sandy surface on any particular wriggle, Goldman and his colleagues say in the Oct.
Instead of punching their way through, peptides wriggle their way through and once disrupted, cell's cytoplasm leaks through membrane and bacteria cell dies, and white blood cells eat up the detritus; the fatal leakage does not come through holes, but through momentary disruptions of wall.
you wanted to wriggle out of yourself, like a python in a forest, like
TRACEY Bryant always knew her cat Wriggle was a bit of a star - and now her feline friend is to feature in a pet calendar next year.
It's the one where this little kid is holding a fish in his hands - cruel, cruel parents - and all of a sudden the fish starts to wriggle and lands - look away now - in his mouth.
Silva (18-4) was able to wriggle free and regained his feet, only to be tripped up seconds later and put back on the mat.
An expert brought in to check the safety system on a white-knuckle ride after a schoolgirl plummeted 100ft to her death found he was able to wriggle free of its lap-bar restraint barrier.
Escapes from prison in Newcastle included a chimney sweep who used his skills to wriggle out of captivity and one man who exited via the privy.
I n Ziichtung (Fertilization), 1998, wearing pristine lab coats and dainty blue gloves, they peer down microscopes; in Schnecken kommen (The snails are coming), 2000, the pair hoe cabbages while unpleasantly large, shell-less, mutant snails wriggle around their shiny boots.
Counselor David Kendall's pro forma denial--"Any allegation that the president assaulted Broaddrick more than 20 years ago is absolutely false"-got the job done, even as it opened up multiple windows through which Clinton might easily wriggle, (Hey, I wasn't even president 20 years ago.
It has now come back to haunt him, as Roy Hattersley has condemned his attempts to get out of what seemed at the time like a promise as 'wriggle, wriggle, wriggle'.
The coffin breaks, fingers wriggle through clay, touch the light.