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wrestle with a pig

To attempt a futile task with someone who enjoys the struggle (just as a pig would enjoy wrestling in the mud). I swear, trying to get the truth out of a teenager is like wrestling with a pig! My daughter has an excuse for everything, and I think she enjoys frustrating me!
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wrestle something from someone

to get something away from someone after a physical struggle. Wally wrestled the gun away from Max and threw it out the window. I could not wrestle my wallet from the thief.
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wrestle something into something

to struggle with something large to get it into something or some place. She wrestled the packages into the backseat of the car. I wrestled the suitcases into the rack over my seat.
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wrestle with someone

to contend with someone in a physical wrestling match. You are too big to wrestle with him! I want to wrestle with someone my own size.
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wrestle with something

1. . to struggle with something large to move it about. He wrestled with the piano and finally got it to move. The two men were wrestling with the heavy trunk for nearly ten minutes, trying to get it up the stairs.
2. . to grapple or struggle with some large animal. The man wrestled with the tiger for a while but was seriously mauled in a short time. Sam liked to wrestle with the family dog.
3. to struggle with a difficult problem; to struggle with a moral decision. We wrestled with the problem and finally decided to go ahead. Let me wrestle with this matter for a while longer.
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wrestle with

1. To contend with someone by grappling and attempting to throw or immobilize one's opponent: I wrestled with my cousin in the living room until my mom ordered us to go outside.
2. To contend or struggle with something or someone: The students wrestled with the math problem all afternoon.
3. To strive in an effort to master something: The thieves must wrestle with the guilt that weighs on them.
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References in classic literature ?
Other groups of students played basketball and cricket, while in one place a ring was roped in to permit boxing and wrestling by the energetic youths.
Inspector Jacks," he said, "but you shall go to the house of any nobleman you choose, and if you will bring me an equal number of your valets or footmen or chefs, who can compete with mine in running or jumping or wrestling, then I will give you a prize what you will--a hundred pounds, or more.
Do you suppose," he went on, flicking a twig off a tree with his whip as we passed, "that the intellectual husband, wrestling intellectually with the chaotic yearnings of his intellectual wife, ever achieves the result aimed at?
His convictions drag him out of his little home at all hours to minister to the sick and exhort the wicked; they give him no rest, and never let him feel he has done enough; and when he comes home weary, after a day's wrestling with his parishioners' souls, he is confronted on his doorstep by filthy abuse pasted up on his own front door.
Back-swording and wrestling were the most serious holiday pursuits of the Vale--those by which men attained fame--and each village had its champion.
But the object of most interest to Benjy, and of course to his pupil also, was the stage of rough planks some four feet high, which was being put up by the village carpenter for the back-swording and wrestling.
Don't let reformers of any sort think that they are going really to lay hold of the working boys and young men of England by any educational grapnel whatever, which isn't some bona fide equivalent for the games of the old country "veast" in it; something to put in the place of the back-swording and wrestling and racing; something to try the muscles of men's bodies, and the endurance of their hearts, and to make them rejoice in their strength.
Immediately after this, however, he was brought to grief by Mark Hall's sister, a strapping young amazon in cross-saddle riding costume, who three times tumbled him ignominiously heels over head in a bout of Indian wrestling.
All the next day she sat in her lonely room, with a window darkened by the cloud and the driving rain, thinking of that future, and wrestling for patience; for what repose could poor Maggie ever win except by wrestling?
Women's Extreme Wrestling (DIRECTV) Women's Extreme Wrestling: Butt Whipped - PPV (DIRECTV) Women's Extreme Wrestling: Criminal Brutality - PPV (iNDEMAND) Women's Extreme Wrestling: Criminal Beat Down - PPV/VOD
The United States, Russia and Iran will come together in solidarity in a unique wrestling event in New York City's Grand Central Terminal next month.
Ron Munoz also wrestled for Canoga Park, which had planned to shut down its wrestling program by the time Steve Munoz entered 10th grade.
Pro Wrestling Kids' Style is the remarkable story of Shawn "Crusher" Crossen, who managed and promoted "The Kids Pro Wrestling Show" which started in 1984 as fun and games but soon spread to thousands of living rooms across the country via cable television and began the National Wrestling Federation, or NWF.
Judo is a grappling sport, like wrestling, but the participants wear a jacket (called a gi).
Quite often, Milo would carry the calf a considerable distance to watch the older boys training at the local palaestra, or wrestling academy.