wrestle with (someone or something)

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wrestle with (someone or something)

1. Literally, to grapple with someone or an animal in an attempt to subdue and immobilize or just as part of aggressive play. The kids have been out there wrestling with each other all day. The animal control worker had to wrestle with the rabid raccoon to get it in the cage.
2. To attempt to handle or move something, typically a large, heavy, or unwieldy object, with much difficulty. We had to wrestle with it a bit, but we got that big bed frame upstairs.
3. To attempt to deal with something difficult or troubling, such as a problem or decision. I've wrestled with this equation for hours, but I just can't seem to get it right. He's clearly wrestling with his past and trying to make amends for the things he's done.
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wrestle with someone

to contend with someone in a physical wrestling match. You are too big to wrestle with him! I want to wrestle with someone my own size.
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wrestle with something

1. . to struggle with something large to move it about. He wrestled with the piano and finally got it to move. The two men were wrestling with the heavy trunk for nearly ten minutes, trying to get it up the stairs.
2. . to grapple or struggle with some large animal. The man wrestled with the tiger for a while but was seriously mauled in a short time. Sam liked to wrestle with the family dog.
3. to struggle with a difficult problem; to struggle with a moral decision. We wrestled with the problem and finally decided to go ahead. Let me wrestle with this matter for a while longer.
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wrestle with

1. To contend with someone by grappling and attempting to throw or immobilize one's opponent: I wrestled with my cousin in the living room until my mom ordered us to go outside.
2. To contend or struggle with something or someone: The students wrestled with the math problem all afternoon.
3. To strive in an effort to master something: The thieves must wrestle with the guilt that weighs on them.
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Paisley shot himself in the foot at the 430-yard 10th where he wrestled with one of the pure white sanded bunkers and came to an abrupt halt with another bogey five.
He wrestled with one hoody-wearing thug, before chasing him and his companion out of the shop, grabbing a chair and throwing it after them.
Ex-British Steel worker Alan, 64, wrestled with one of the masked men but had his watch stolen in the process.
Police wrestled with one young man as he tried to climb onto the van.
Rebounds that were earned were almost lost out of bounds as players shambollicaly wrestled with one another to claim the board.
Arabs and anarchists, who have been maintaining a permanent presence at a p= rotest tent opposite the community, wrestled with one young Jewish man in t= he group, according to Avichail Feld, a hero in the Yom Kippur War who witn= essed the attack.
The three suspects took a pocketbook, according to police; one suspect allegedly wrestled with one of the occupants of the house.
He was hurt during the daylight attack as he wrestled with one of the raiders who held a blade to his chest.
One of the most popular of the early columns about personal computers was Jerry Pournelle's "Chaos Manor" in Byte magazine in which this savvy but continually befuddled computer geek wrestled with one computer glitch after another, sharing all the minute details.
The city wrestled with one problem for decades--downtown decay--before solutions emerged.
He wrestled with one of the thieves and they all fled empty-handed after throwing things at the victim.
(1) I've thought of that conversation many times as I have wrestled with one of my favorite biblical characters, David, who has been the subject of one of my regular elective courses, (2) and who is the centerpiece of 1 Chronicles, on which I have just written an extended commentary.
According to the June 3rd Port Clinton News Herald, her son "wrestled with one of the burglars outside, but the man was able to get away," apparently empty-handed, as Houston did not find anything missing when she checked her belongings.
The raiders were forced to flee empty-handed after Mrs Freke wrestled with one of them before threatening the pair with the sword, which she grabbed off the wall.
The report is a good beginning and sets an excellent example, for as Archbishop Michael Peers, the primate states in the foreword, "Above all they have listened to and wrestled with one another as friends in Christ." One caveat -- missing in this study is the contribution of a fundamentalist.