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Bull one to wrestle with One wonders where Brahma Bull will be in the pecking order of the Closutton staying novice hurdlers in a few months time.
NYT Syndicate For two days in late June, Disney's board of directors gathered at Walt Disney World in Florida to wrestle with one topic: how technology was disrupting the company's traditional movie, television and theme park businesses, and what to do about it?
As we start another fall, for a number of us young, underrep resented, minority faculty we wrestle with one decision: do I go up or not?
Moreover, the primary sources at the end cover a great deal of ground and complement the text nicely; Kennedy's American University speech of June 1963 and his Dallas Trade Mart address (to have been delivered the day he was assassinated), for example, clearly illustrate how Kennedy's conciliatory and bellicose impulses continued to wrestle with one another throughout his presidency.
The two competitors wrestle with one another without hitting or kicking--or biting--and the first one to pin the opponent down is declared the winner.
In Rendezvous In Majorca, competing CIA and Communist covert teams wrestle with one another and their potentially world-destroying secrets, and no price may be too high to pay given the potential amount of power on the line.