wrestle with (someone or something)

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wrestle with (someone or something)

1. Literally, to grapple with someone or an animal in an attempt to subdue and immobilize or just as part of aggressive play. The kids have been out there wrestling with each other all day. The animal control worker had to wrestle with the rabid raccoon to get it in the cage.
2. To attempt to handle or move something, typically a large, heavy, or unwieldy object, with much difficulty. We had to wrestle with it a bit, but we finally got that big bed frame upstairs.
3. To attempt to deal with something difficult or troubling, such as a problem or decision. I've wrestled with this equation for hours, but I just can't seem to get it right. He's clearly wrestling with his past and trying to make amends for the things he's done.
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wrestle with someone

to contend with someone in a physical wrestling match. You are too big to wrestle with him! I want to wrestle with someone my own size.
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wrestle with something

1. . to struggle with something large to move it about. He wrestled with the piano and finally got it to move. The two men were wrestling with the heavy trunk for nearly ten minutes, trying to get it up the stairs.
2. . to grapple or struggle with some large animal. The man wrestled with the tiger for a while but was seriously mauled in a short time. Sam liked to wrestle with the family dog.
3. to struggle with a difficult problem; to struggle with a moral decision. We wrestled with the problem and finally decided to go ahead. Let me wrestle with this matter for a while longer.
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wrestle with

1. To contend with someone by grappling and attempting to throw or immobilize one's opponent: I wrestled with my cousin in the living room until my mom ordered us to go outside.
2. To contend or struggle with something or someone: The students wrestled with the math problem all afternoon.
3. To strive in an effort to master something: The thieves must wrestle with the guilt that weighs on them.
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Bull one to wrestle with One wonders where Brahma Bull will be in the pecking order of the Closutton staying novice hurdlers in a few months time.
NYT Syndicate For two days in late June, Disney's board of directors gathered at Walt Disney World in Florida to wrestle with one topic: how technology was disrupting the company's traditional movie, television and theme park businesses, and what to do about it?
As we start another fall, for a number of us young, underrep resented, minority faculty we wrestle with one decision: do I go up or not?
Moreover, the primary sources at the end cover a great deal of ground and complement the text nicely; Kennedy's American University speech of June 1963 and his Dallas Trade Mart address (to have been delivered the day he was assassinated), for example, clearly illustrate how Kennedy's conciliatory and bellicose impulses continued to wrestle with one another throughout his presidency.
The two competitors wrestle with one another without hitting or kicking--or biting--and the first one to pin the opponent down is declared the winner.
In Rendezvous In Majorca, competing CIA and Communist covert teams wrestle with one another and their potentially world-destroying secrets, and no price may be too high to pay given the potential amount of power on the line.