wrestle into

wrestle (someone or something) into (something)

1. To force a person or a large, unwieldy object into some place or thing with great difficulty or physical effort. I spent most of the morning wrestling desks and filing cabinets into the new office. The officers managed to wrestle the suspect into the squad car.
2. To use great physical force to put someone into a particular state, condition, or position. Someone managed to wrestle the man into submission before he was able to hurt anyone. I had to keep wrestling the patient into an upright position so I could feed her.
3. To manage to form or change something into a particular state or condition after much difficulty or effort. His first draft was a total mess, but I managed to wrestle it into a halfway decent story. I've been trying to wrestle this computer into working order, but there is something seriously wrong with it.
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wrestle something into something

to struggle with something large to get it into something or some place. She wrestled the packages into the backseat of the car. I wrestled the suitcases into the rack over my seat.
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