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wrestle with a pig

To attempt a futile task with someone who enjoys the struggle (just as a pig would enjoy wrestling in the mud). I swear, trying to get the truth out of a teenager is like wrestling with a pig! My daughter has an excuse for everything, and I think she enjoys frustrating me!
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wrestle something from someone

to get something away from someone after a physical struggle. Wally wrestled the gun away from Max and threw it out the window. I could not wrestle my wallet from the thief.
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wrestle something into something

to struggle with something large to get it into something or some place. She wrestled the packages into the backseat of the car. I wrestled the suitcases into the rack over my seat.
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wrestle with someone

to contend with someone in a physical wrestling match. You are too big to wrestle with him! I want to wrestle with someone my own size.
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wrestle with something

1. . to struggle with something large to move it about. He wrestled with the piano and finally got it to move. The two men were wrestling with the heavy trunk for nearly ten minutes, trying to get it up the stairs.
2. . to grapple or struggle with some large animal. The man wrestled with the tiger for a while but was seriously mauled in a short time. Sam liked to wrestle with the family dog.
3. to struggle with a difficult problem; to struggle with a moral decision. We wrestled with the problem and finally decided to go ahead. Let me wrestle with this matter for a while longer.
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wrestle with

1. To contend with someone by grappling and attempting to throw or immobilize one's opponent: I wrestled with my cousin in the living room until my mom ordered us to go outside.
2. To contend or struggle with something or someone: The students wrestled with the math problem all afternoon.
3. To strive in an effort to master something: The thieves must wrestle with the guilt that weighs on them.
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The pressure of losing more than winning was a blow to the ego of the 5-foot-6 Munoz, who wrestles in the 130-pound category.
They have to step up and wrestle the way they know how to wrestle.
Fua, who has won two tournament titles and gone 12-1 since joining the wrestling team after earning all-state honors in football, said a divisional dual-meet title could depend on whether a young team wrestles to its potential.
These little girls will say, `I didn't know girls could wrestle.
Guys in the room will be like `I don't want to wrestle Steve today, he's tearing everybody up.
Every wrestler in Southern California wants to wrestle for me.
It's family oriented with the volume turned a little bit up,'' said Brawlin' Bo Cooper, who wrestles for Golden State.
It has been different not to wrestle with his brother this year.
I was thinking, `Oh, man, I can't finish sixth again,' '' said Field, who wrestles for Littlerock.
I told him that I've watched him wrestle all season and he's the best in his class.
His mother, Jacqueline, pushed for him to wrestle, not only because the sport could best incorporate his martial arts training but also it was the only one for which he had the size.
He needed a new partner this season and chose Bryce Riach, who wrestles one weight class above him.
My family and girlfriend don't want me to wrestle any more,'' Welch said.
Cooper has a growing legion of fans who follow him wherever he wrestles, and young children flock for autographs after events.